I first heard Reese’s music during her set in the Jensen and the Flips BDYTLK music video launch. I know, I’m tardy to the OPM party. I’m still kicking myself for not looking up her songs earlier, because they’re just so special. The lyrics are so cleverly written, and the melodies are so catchy. Reese’s voice is so soft and calming, that listening to her music is like the audio equivalent of a warm hug.

When it was announced that “St. Petersburg” was getting a music video, I was so excited, just like the other “mga batang Lansangan.” St. Petersburg is Reese’s favorite track from her debut album, “Arigato, Internet!”. During her BDYTLK set, she mentioned that she usually plays that as the finale in her gigs.

The number one feeling you get from listening to St. Petersburg is wanderlust. With the help of the travel app Tripkada and Explore Philippines, Reese and her team were able to create the perfect video for the song. The huge, sweeping drone shots inspire the viewers to see the world, while the fun clips with Reese and her friends hanging out remind us that a huge part of the journey is who we spend it with.

Not all who wander…

The video almost seems like a travel vlog of Pangasinan. Reese and her team showcased a bunch of beautiful places to go to in the region, including the Sunflower Maze, the Bolinao Falls, and the Hundred Islands. It just proves that the Philippines is a truly amazing country. One YouTube commenter joked that Reese should be the Secretary of the Department Tourism!

reese comment

Perfect for summer!

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Folks, do yourselves a solid and buy Arigato, Internet! It’s such a lovely little album that pays homage to the best thing about the world wide web. It has wonderful songs like “Grammar Nazi”, “Code of Kin”, and of course, “St. Petersburg”. You can most likely grab a copy at one of Reese’s many gigs. Check out our weekly gig guides to see if she’ll be playing at a place near you.

For bigger events, you can catch her at Siklab 2017: Off the Grid on April 29, and at Get Music Indie-Go on May 20.

If you want more Reese Lansangan content, check out UDOU’s exclusive interview about becoming an indie artist over here. And of course, don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for more on your fave OPM and international artists!