Sleep and Wake Up to Autotelic and Ben&Ben’s New Singles

Two of the rising local indie bands just released their new singles last Friday, and believe me, you’d want to hear these tracks before you sleep, and right after you wake up.

Twitter was filled with teasers from the bands, making fans freak out til Friday. Some even thought it was a collab from the two, but they just have a slight correlation with each other.


Well, Autotelic released a single titled Takipsilim (Twilight, in Filipino), and Ben&Ben with Sunrise. Both singles have been played in gigs before, and the studio version just felt surreal.

Takipsilim is a bittersweet song about a failing love—a metaphor of the sun slowly turning into pitch dark, just like a relationship that’s bound to end. It’s undoubtedly relatable as everyone’s creating their own twilight art on Twitter.

And Telic retains its sound, btw, makes you wonder how someone can create a sad song with such a positive beat.

Tuwing nasisilayan ay naalala ko

Ang gabing puno ng pagasa

At iniwanang pangako

Takipsilim aaminin mga lihim

Lumilinaw, lumalabo, nasisilaw

After crying yourself to sleep with ‘Telic’s song, you can wake up to Ben&Ben with a fresh start—Sunrise feeds our souls with new hope to go on. Its lively vibe makes a good alarm in the morning.

I have run this far still I find you


Show my weary heart that a new day will soon arrive

New day will soon arrive

Fans are probably keeping it on repeat as the song has been played for over 100,000 on Spotify in just. two. days.

Thank the universe for releasing these songs at the same time—at least we can let ourselves embrace the pain, and yet still find inspiration after.

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