The Filipino metal band Slapshock celebrates its 23rd anniversary with a new album-in-the-works.

For more than two decades of headbanging and solid song releases – Slapshock, perhaps one of the remaining rockstars of the Philippine music scene is one of the very few who still consists of their original members’ since day one.

With vocalist Jamir Garcia along with other band members Lee Nadela, Lean Ansing, Jerry Basco, and Chi Evora. Till this very day, on their 23rd year in the music industry, the band continues to deliver explosive performances — one of which was during the UP Fair: Hiwaga – Monday Stage.

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New Album To Come Out This Year

We can remember during the band’s first foray via UP Fair in Diliman, last February 14, 1997, when a year later, Slapshock released its first album. And sometime this year too right after their gazillionth performance for UP Fair did they make it known that they are currently writing their 10th studio album and will be releasing the new songs this year too.

While there is not much to note but the fact that they are currently producing their new album, let’s reminisce on their cult classic performance on this much-talked-about video as it hit a million views in just the first day of its release. Check the video out below.

Slapshock is here to stay

Over two decades, Slapshock’s brand of thunderous Filipino rock-metal sound still lingers in the consciousness of Pinoy rock fans. The band will not shortchange their Slap Army as they prepare to launch their upcoming 10th album.

Slapshock is here to stay as they promise their Slap Army. Collectively, they will not slow down but will be louder and aggressive even more in their songs and in their performances.

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