Singaporean Artists honor XVAN with Posthumous Debut EP

Some of the biggest producers and artists in Singapore have come together to honor XVAN with his posthumous self-titled debut EP

Various artists and producers in Singapore have teamed up in memory of XVAN. They completed and will be releasing his work in a posthumous self-titled debut EP to be released via indie label Umami Records today, July 17.

The upcoming star-studded release will feature Evanturetime, MYRNE, Foxela, Brittle Bear, KNIGHTNDAE and Karena Yeo.

Remembering XVAN

In 2018, XVAN’s impressive debut single ‘What’s It?’ caught the attention of international producers Martin Garrix and Madison Mars who then featured the track on their playlists.

He went on to win a remix competition organized by MTV Asia and a highly coveted spot on Evanturetime’s debut EP with his own rendition of the song ‘Sober’.

XVAN passed away after a fight with cancer. He left behind some unfinished demos. As a tribute to XVAN and to honor his artistic legacy, his colleagues in the music industry got together to polish the material and release it officially

The self-titled album features collaborations from friends from various musical genres like electronic, indie, and pop, led by DJ/producer MYRNE whom XVAN had cited as one of his biggest inspirations.

One person I would really like to work on something with would be MYRNE himself, but I believe I still have a very long way to go before that happens.

‘all in (my head),’ the lead single of the EP, was co-produced by Evanturetime and features singer-songwriter Karena Yeo.

Evanturetime has this to say about XVAN,

XVAN is a young and amazingly talented producer and I had the joy of witnessing him remix a track of mine. He has his own sound that is mature and uniquely identifiable to be his and his alone. I am honored to be a part of his posthumous EP and I hope that we’ve done our best to reflect his love and spirit for music.


Track List

    1. Spiral
    2. Sunlight by XVAN, Foxela, Brittle Bear and Karena Yeo
    3. No Past No future by XVAN and KNIGHTNDAE
    4. all in (my head) by Evanturetime and Karena Yeo

You can stream it on any digital streaming platforms.

Or listen to it on Spotify,


XVAN is the alias of Singapore electronic producer Ivan Tan. A play on the letters of his name, Ivan replaced the letter “I” with “X” as a reminder that whenever he is creating music, it is not for himself, but for others.

What is the most memorable XVAN track for you?

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