In a video announcement from ShowBT Philippines’ CEO yesterday June 10, 2020, CEO Charles Kim shares the journey and current activities of ShowBT Philippines.

ShowBT Philippines’ CEO took to Youtube to talk about their history and their newest project!

The Story of how ShowBT started

ShowBT Philippines or Show Business Team Philippines was established in 2015. We are part of the ShowBT Group headquartered in Korea and is headed by our founder and chairman Robin Geong also known as Tatang Robin here in the Philippines. We started as an Events Management company back in 2015.

Since then, we have been producing various events such as K-Pop concerts and events where we promote cultural collaboration between Korea and the Philippines. – Charles Kim, ShowBT CEO

Unbeknownst to many, ShowBT Philippines did not start out as a talent agency, rather they started out as an events management company that specializes in K-pop concerts and events that promotes the collaboration between Korea and the Philippines.

He also shared their journey to opening up their clout to Entertainment. ShowBT Philippines did so as they launched an audition to build the very first Filipino idol group trained under the K-POP system.

There were more than 100 people who auditioned and we have selected 30 talented Filipino boys and girls to be included in the training program. They were called ‘Narra’ which in Korean means ‘country’ and is the national tree of the Philippines.

How SB19 came to be

We have selected three boys from the training program who we felt will be the next big talent in the Philippines. They were Sejun, Stell, and Josh. We then added Ken and Justin as we felt that they will complement the group and create the perfect synergy.

Why SB19?

It might not be new to A’TIN, but for those who are just starting out, the video discussion also pointed out how the name SB19 came to be.

They didn’t have a name by that time so Robin and I thought of how we should call them. We wanted the name to be simple, easy to remember, and something that would represent what we believe in – Power to Influence Culture.

So we thought of using ‘SB’ from our company name ShowBT and being in the IT-Telco business before I thought of incorporating both the country codes of Korea and the Philippines which is 82 and 63 and by adding the individual numbers 8 + 2 + 6 + 3 we get the sum 19. We then formed the name SB19 which is how we know them now.

The Journey

We are all aware of how SB19 went through a lot of hardships in their initial years from their training up to their debut. We even heard about the time when they started to have doubts about their future as a group, but thankfully with much patience and perseverance and the proper guidance from their management — the will to pursue their passion and dreams came in stronger as they were able to go through these difficult challenges and is now considered to be one of the ambassadors of Pinoy Pop or P-POP.

What’s Next?

While ShowBT Philippines has a lot of preparations set for the comeback of SB19,  along with the release of the latest season of Aja Aja Tayo, and their aim to produce the next big idol group with their recently held TikTok audition.

ShowBT Philippines has another great project in the works that will surely enable and open up a lot more chances for Korea – Philippines collaboration!

This month, they announced the planned expansion of their ShowBT ecosystem. Their goal is to feature passionate content creators covering various topics from Hallyu, Pinoy Pop Culture, and more.

With an aim to provide inspiring and entertaining content to all Filipinos out there!

So, if you are a content creator and would like to share your passion with the world, then you are invited to join their network!

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How to Join?

It is so simple! Content creators who are interested to join this new Network venture may email their profile to ShowBT Network at along with video samples of any vlog content they might have done along with a short description of who they are, their goals and their current interests.

What is up for grabs?

ShowBT is known to have huge clout in the entertainment industry, and for this new project, one of their main goals is to help online content creators produce their own content, build their channel on YouTube, reach their audience, and grow their influence.

To do so, ShowBT expressed that they will be able to provide support in terms of ideation, concept creation, execution, video production, and audience growth strategies such as channel optimization, content promotion, and in-network collaborations. Along with the chance to connect the creators to brands who would like to work with them.

Isn’t that just wonderful? But! that is not all! This project does not have a deadline! It means that they are opening up this opportunity for an indefinite period! The only thing that is time-bound here is on how they will be announcing who their selected content creators are, and as per Charles, they will be doing so in batches — and the very first group will be comprised of 50 content creators to be showcased next month!

How exciting! Here is the full announcement video below:


The message was well-received by A’TIN, here’s a couple of the standout comments

What about you? Will you try and be a part of this amazing new project?

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