Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, more commonly known as “Jelena” to their fans worldwide started with their love – hate relationship during their early young adulthood years way back in 2010 — with a long trail of on-off relationship breakout stories, these two have frequently been in the spotlight.

Consistently dissected for every bit of detail in their personal relationship — these two are magnanimously known to be quite in tune and open towards their personal relationship to their fans, one strong factor why they have always been one of the rarest couples to have a well documented love story online.

And if you haven’t been reading online — you might still be unaware of the recent development in their tumultuous story. One phrase – NOT IN THIS LIFETIME. As speculated by the internet (yes, just the massive number of netizens) concluding the recent get together of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber — as a means to an end. With Hailey, releasing personal sentiments saying that they are finally moving forward since the Bieber is totally cured of his affections for Selena.

My personal take on it — however, is on a different note , but we are not here to dwell on that instead — we are here to take a brief look through their long history (over 8 years people) and everything in between as told by their own music creations specifically penned for each other.

Their love in songs,

From the can’t-get-you-out-of-my-head magnetism of “All That Matters” and “Nobody Does It Like You” to the regretful words of “Sorry.” Let us read between the lines of these two great musicians as they tailor fit words for each other through their craft.

“Love Will Remember”, 2013

Released in 2013 under Gomez’s 2013 album – Stars Dance , this emotional ballad came in after the couple’s first big break-up.

“That’s the most personal track on the record, for sure,” Gomez told InStyle of the song. “I think it’s a sweet way of releasing it. It’s not an aggressive approach to what people are probably expecting. I’m sure he’ll love it too.”

What could be more heartfelt than having the track start with Justin’s personal voicemail? This song — is a definite recollection of how Selena remembers their then young love.

“All That Matters”, 2013

Released on Justin’s Journals — this song was all about Gomez during an interview with Power 106 Los Angeles.

“‘All That Matters’ was written when I was in a great place in my relationship,” he explained. “At that time, she was all that mattered.”

With almost the entire album (Journals) being thrown at how he just can’t get over – Gomez, this track along with some under the same title is but an ode for his love to Selena.

“I am a hopeless romantic so when I love someone, I never want to let them go,” he said of the track, per Rap-Up. “This song is about the rush you get when you have that feeling. No matter how hard you try, you can’t let that person go. You just want to hold on as tight as you can.”

“The Heart Wants What It Wants,” 2014

The video begins with a tearful spoken word reflection about Bieber, recorded during the show On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Gomez was noted to say: 

“He [Justin] thought it was beautiful. I think it was really hard,” she explained. “I support him. I think I always will. I’m upset when he’s upset; I’m happy when he’s happy. I don’t want anything bad ever to happen to him. It hurts me. That’s all.”

“Sorry”, 2015

One of the biggest songs in 2015, Sorry is the most speculated song about #Jelena. Sorry was released under Purpose, an album that cemented and rebranded Justin into a more serious iconic pop star of today.

The lyrics of the song itself hints of regrets and wistful thinkings about a failed relationships. With some of the most famous lines pertaining to how “he let someone down” and how he is sorry about it even thou probably he has let her down, he still wishes to express how sorry he was.

“Back to You” , 2018

The most recent — and most meaningful songs amongst the list, “Back to You” — was released amidst the rekindling (and subsequent dissolution) of her and her most famous ex and their relationship.

With a full frontal teasing from Selena herself — days before the actual release — she hints of #Jelena in the entirety of the song — with Justin’s lookalike on the official video itself, along with some pretty in-depth, personal lines that seem to detail how she feels for him. This song — is a definite love letter about her sentiments, all right before the actual Hailey and JB getting back together.

Every song written by these two about each other — is a punch right in the gut — it is not uncommon for artists to shed their emotions and feelings in their own songs, rather it is one of the most celebrated part (unknowingly) by fans as it is a personal open letter that is both heartfelt and intricate.

I guess — fans all over won’t ever stop colluding and reading between the lines when it comes to these two famed ex-lovers, and possibly they never will. #Jelena is and will always be a love story that is hinged in the unknown — whether it ends or restarts — we’d never know. But one thing is for certain — the songs created in between their rich history is a gift for all of us. Same for all other songs written in passion by everyone else in the music industry.