In an FB Live on their official SB19’s account, Tatang Robin and Teacher Hong sat down to discuss some updates regarding SB19’s upcoming plans.

It has been a couple of weeks, months even since the latest update from SB19’s official management. And just this evening, the management team led by Tatang Robin along with Teacher Hong gave some exciting news for all of SB19’s fans to look out for.

Stell is currently under the weather and is recovering

Tatang Robin and Teacher Hong answered A’TIN’s concerns about Stell as from his recent video appearances he is visibly not as radiant as before, and a lot of A’TIN fans have noticed the difference. During the live session, both have expressed the reason why, and according to them, it is due to Stell not feeling well.

Thankfully, they also expressed that he is currently under medication and is recovering

On “Hanggang Sa Huli”

The official music video for “Hanggang Huli” is recently being discussed by the management and will start to shoot after the community quarantine. They will also be including Hanngang Sa Huli in their upcoming album.

SB19 Official Merchandise

ShowBT management is considering selling official SB19 merchandise online, further plans on how this will happen will be announced soon on their SNS.

On SB19’s Style

Teacher Hong discussed their plans as they have allowed SB19 to style themselves. They believe that the boys have come a long way and are now able to style and decide for themselves individually based on their own fashion and style preference.

They also shared that there are plans of getting a team of stylists to take care of SB19’s grooming.

Online Concert

Perhaps one of the most looked forward to news by the A’TIN, Tatang Robin has expressed their plans on launching a nationwide online live concert for A’TIN in the next coming days. But since they are currently in South Korea and the rest of the team is in the Philippines, the planning and execution have been taking quite a long time due to the fact that not all the work can be done online.

They have also expressed their sincerest apologies for making the fans wait too long as they also thank everyone for continuously supporting SB19 and ShowBT.

Other Updates

Tatang Robin & Teacher Hong also discussed the availability of SB19’s upcoming album that is now ready and is up for release. As for the definite date on when it is supposed to come out, there is no exact schedule due to the current community lockdown.

There will also be a lot more surprises for A’TIN in the next coming days, SB19, as well as ShowBT, are both working hard,  hand in hand to prepare for all the exciting goodies they have in store for A’TIN’s.

Watch the entire FB Live here below:

Which of these upcoming plans are you excited the most? 

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