Yes, you read that right. Our boys are getting international recognition!

Our very own local P-pop boy group SB19 has just been featured on US Forbes Magazine for their attempt to bring Filipino music across the globe. Bet that all A’tin are rejoicing again today!

To tell you, aside from those stunning photos of the band, Forbes also etched the history and how SB19 successfully embraced stardom with their unique style.

“People have misunderstood us as a K-pop band, not a P-pop band. But I think what’s more important is how our soul gets into our music. That’s what I think is the most important thing, how we express our music into the P-pop industry. There are a lot of Filipino talents that are under the radar, not just us, but there are a lot of Filipinos who deserve recognition. Maybe we can be one of the stepping stones where we can present Filipino talent to the entire world.” shared SB19’s Josh.

We can recall how the five-piece band reached a recent milestone on their career last April when they entered the Billboard’s Top 5 Social 50 chart for the first time ever. And it seems like they are on the roll!

After the said past hype, there’s no doubt that our boys deserve to be featured on the US magazine, Forbes. In case you haven’t read it yet, it flaunts how the band draws inspiration from K-pop but totally inherently Filipino. Moreover, through this article, SB19 took the chance as well to promote the abundance of incredible talents of Filipinos.

“What they have been doing in Korea, the K-pop idols there, they have this intensive training where you have to make your moves synchronized, you’re singing while you’re dancing and it’s really hard. To utilize that here in the Philippines is really great, because there are a lot of talented Filipinos that are not given opportunity, so that we can show the talent of the Philippines all over the world.” SB19’s Sejun expressed.

Missing their extreme live performances? Well, you can reminisce about their amazing number at UP FAIR:HIWAGA below!

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A’TIN! Are you proud of SB19’s achievements?

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