Viva Records’ Rob Deniel Drops New Track “Ang Rosas”

Viva's Rob Deniel Drops New Track "Ang Rosas"

After captivating his listeners with his hit track “Ulap” that garnered 5.9 Million views on YouTube and 16 Million streams on Spotify, Rob Deniel is back with another old-school-sounding tune entitled ‘Ang Rosas’. This young singer-songwriter is seeing how deep he can dig to improve his dreamy and retro-inspired tunes. And judging from the waves he made for his previous singles, listeners are liking what they hear from this teen D.I.Y. indie artist.

“I thought that making songs in (what I imagine) is the old way can help me make timeless songs.” In this, he hopes that future generations of listeners would like to listen to his songs the way he digs the songs made by acts decades even before he was born. For 16-year old Rob – this is quite surprising and so forward-thinking. “(I hope yung) mga susunod panggenerations (ay) madi-digest parin nila yung mga kanta ko.” he expressed.

Rob, who is full of ideas when it comes to his music, was inspired to write a song about a time machine. To be specific, it’s about an old-fashioned kind of love replete with catchy melodies and mid-tempo grooves.

“Yung pinaka-main story ng song is about two lovers with old souls. May napanood ako na isang movie na parang nag-time machine siya pabalik sa nakaraan to bring back his lover.”

With just the handful of songs that he’s written and released so far, Rob has managed to endear himself to a lot of listeners in such short a time. Even more amazing that he was able to produce his songs on his phone, including his well-received single, ‘Ulap,’ using the Garageband App on his smartphone. And with succeeding songs “Gabi”, “Baby I Tried” and now “Ang Rosas”, we are seeing more and more what Rob wants to put across. And that is to share songs that flaunt his romantic side that speak to his listeners’ hearts.


And Rob Deniel’s advice to fellow young and aspiring musicians? “Continue lang on making music and don’t look down on yourselves, always create something that you are happy with and then put yourselves out there more.”

The newest addition to the roster of male artists of Viva Records is emerging artist Rob Deniel. His track “Ulap,” a song he made out of pure boredom, made it to over 4M views and still counting within a few months. “Ulap” sounds perfect for slow
dancing as its mellow tune evokes a romantic feeling– which Rob Deniel feels is the best way to do if you want to feel loved when he wrote the song. At the young age of 17, has Rob Deniel already made his promising debut with his indie track “Ulap”. Today, everyone is gushing to his latest track, “Ang Rosas” which is available now to all digital platforms.

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