There are specific artists we turn to depending on situations we’re in. If you’re that type of listener who seeks comfort in chill music whenever you feel awful, we’ve found a new artist that’ll definitely be your go-to person when your soul is craving for a release.

Meet Rendy Pandugo, a singer-songwriter hailing from Indonesia who just released his new EP, “See You Someday,” via Wonderland Records / Universal Music Indonesia.

Rendy Pandugo
Rendy Pandugo

With steady beats, minimal instruments, and the singer’s soft, soothing voice, Pandugo’s collection of new releases will bring you to a beautiful, calm place somewhere in your deepest imagination. Dropped on major streaming services on January 29, “See You Someday” is a six-track offering that expresses the artist’s longing for the good days, and by “good days” we mean that time before the global pandemic, when he could go on tours, meet fans, and sing songs in front of a live audience. It’s a reminder of what we could have been; it’s also a remedy for your aching heart.

As a matter of fact, the EP title was inspired by Pandugo’s habit of saying, “See you someday,” to his fans at the end of his live shows. It was through a friend’s suggestion that he found himself writing a song with the phrase as its title and its context of missing people and places, the track’s subject matter.

“See You Someday,” according to Rendy Pandugo, is six tracks full of stories and memories, inspired by his own and those of the people around him. It includes the title track that’s also the EP’s outro track.

Pandugo’s previously released singles “HOME” and “MR. SUN” are also part of the lineup. “FAR,” the focus track, is an intimate and poignant story about a forbidden relationship you can only cherish in limited moments. Another track in the EP is “B.Y.L.,” which stands for “Before You Left.” According to a press release, it’s based on a real-life story by his friend who was abandoned by his wife and their children for no reason.

Rendy Pandugo is a Jakarta-based musician who actually began as a cafe singer in 2014; that explains his ability to transport his listeners to a place of comfort with his mellow songs. If you wanna get into that mood you can only describe as a mixture of happiness, pleasure, a bit of sadness, and the tranquility only coffee shops and road trips can bring, then you better stream this artist and his new EP now!


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