With the growth of the local music scene comes the emergence of up and coming acts. The scene really has come far since the days of OPM songs barely being played on the radio (READ: RUSS’ FINAL FRESH FILTER). We spoke to Reese Lansangan about how to “make it” in this ever shifting landscape that is the local music scene, how to market yourself, and if the time is ripe for budding artists everywhere. Check out the Reese Lansangan Interview below.

UdoU: What piece of advice would you give to any aspiring artist?

 Reese Lansangan: Utilize your technology. You are lucky because now technology is easily available, we all have our own social media accounts, it’s all for free. Be smart about what you use. Also be sensitive about the information you send online. Don’t be thoughtless. Be more responsible. Even though we have our own social media accounts, we have to be accountable for what we say or do. Yun lang, and follow your dreams.

UdoU: How hard is it to market yourself?

Reese Lansangan: I have a lot of ideas about marketing myself. Parang I feel like it’s not so much of a big task because I do a lot of things and I just really love doing them. I like sharing it so I’m happy that people respond to it. I just don’t wanna answer to anybody bigger than me as an artist so I don’t want to sign under any label, I guess as of the moment. Yun lang, parang I always wanna have the final say. I don’t like the feeling na may idea ako na sobrang big and i need to pass it through a different person who isn’t me, parang it doesn’t make sense because i am the artist. I will take care of myself.

UdoU: Do you think this is the best time to be an independent artist?

Reese Lansangan: It’s a good time to be an independent musician because you feel so supported by the community. Even though it’s not the entire Philippines, we feel like what we’re doing matters.

So there you have it! Tips from the indie wunderkind herself. Take these tips to heart and someday you might hear your tracks played alongside the OPM songs that you love. If you want to see more of Reese here’s a teaser for her upcoming music video!

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