Stepping the spotlight at only 16, everyone in the music scene has witnessed how Taylor Swift has grown in the industry. From the country music teenager to the electro-pop lady, she’s garnered a bunch of awards, fans, friends, and even enemies along the way. But if there’s one thing that never changed about her, it’s her narrative songs, probably something that keeps her relationships interesting for everyone. For every man she ever dates, people just say “Careful, or you’ll be the next Taylor Swift song”.

Taytay still manages to get into the headlines even after she went hiatus for a year before she released the reputation album. The transition was understandable, even for normal people like us, because who would want to be called names when you’re just trying to date people? 

Delicate’s video says it all, as the video portrays feeling invisible as people just see what they want to see. The video may also translate to her being off spotlight for quite some time, and she was able to do whatever she wants, like, dance in the rain.

Some people say her songs are nothing but an act of romanticisation, making her stories better or worse than they are, but isn’t that the art of music? Turning your broken heart into a literary piece? Why is everyone hating on her when everyone else is actually doing the same style? No matter how many haters she gets ranting about she can’t sing, you know you can’t help but be curious about who she danced with at 2 am or that boy with the green eyes that tore her heart into pieces.

Don’t blame me, love made me crazy

For some, it’s been a fun game decoding each of Tay’s songs, with her parade of boys coming in and out over the years, which is really which? The fun part here is that no matter how much we try to figure it all out, we’ll never really know. Paps are even using the term “Taylor swift years” as a measure of how a short span could turn to years in Taylor Swift time.

It all started with Joe Jonas, who apparently broke up with her through a 27-second phone call. This followed with a few more hot guys like Lucas Till from the You Belong With Me video, Taylor Lautner—who can ever forget Back to December’s tan skin and sweet smile? Then came the notorious John Mayer, who broke her poor heart when she’s only 19 and he was 32, having dedicated an explicit song called Dear John. Another heartbreaking track All Too Well was dedicated for actor Jake Gyllenhaal. See now we can assume she has a thing for older guys, but shouldn’t the first one be a lesson for her?

Conor Kennedy was also added to the tracklist, but not in the usual chaotic relationships that we know—just a means for her to Begin Again. 1D star Harry Styles looked like the one that got away, with her song I Knew You Were Trouble. This was followed by an over a year relationship with DJ Calvin Harris, which we all thought was the one. With the swift exit of their relationship, Loki star Tom Hiddleston entered the parade but exited before we even know it. 

Well it’s just normal to hear these men defend themselves after breaking her heart. As her song goes—got a long list of ex lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane.

Hopefully, her current romance with Joe Alwyn would be the End Game. They’re keeping it really private, and I guess this time, she’s finally playing her cards right.

Stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand

Fame ultimately gives you the power to make friends with everyone, but that includes the snakes you meet along the way. The first hate song she probably wrote was for actress Camilla Belle Better Than Revenge, when she reportedly stole Joe Jonas from her. This was followed by the hate feud with fellow artist Katy Perry, writing Bad Blood for her.

And the worst probably goes to Kanye West, with his famous stage interruption when Tay won the VMAs for Best Female Video instead of Queen B. They became friends years after that, but the it all again changed when West released his song Famous—sounding like a misogynistic fuck, West tweeted that it had Tay’s approval. In a statement, Tay said that she didn’t know the actual lyrics.

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex

Why? I made that bitch famous

Kim Kardashian immediately tweeted and referred to her as a snake, and the public was calling her all the names you can think of. But knowing Taylor, she’s not gonna let it pass like that. Her Look What You Made Me Do video was a revengeful comeback, not just a diss for West, but also for the people who betrayed her in the past.

Albeit the hates, Tay’s girls got her back, with Selena Gomez in the top list. She’s also besties with Emma Stone, Ed Sheeran, not to mention Cara Delevingne and Victoria Secret girls.

I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now

Taylor Swift’s Reputation world tour had more fans coming in, more surprises in store—she looks livelier than ever, despite being “dead”.

It’s now safe to say that the album was a way to redeem herself, although she didn’t really need to redeem herself in the first place. Reputation sounds like her way to say fuck it, I’m tired of being the good girlI Did Something Bad couldn’t have explained it better. And most especially, Ready For It‘s music vid. Feel free to decode it all you want

The tables have turned as Tay sings stronger lyrics other than being the damsel in distress who always gets left behind. Specificity in her narratives was also dropped, replaced by internal monologues of her desires and rage. Still, she sticks with this unique style, in which we can distinguish as hers. Reputation is when she showed her character development. She’s now stronger, maturer. From country to pop to electro-pop, Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift.

We could all agree that her songs are like an open diary, but that’s what made her famous. She’s genuine. She’s real. And you can hate all you want but at the end of the day, her reputation doesn’t matter. At the end of it all, she’s still going to top the charts with her new set of songs.

As her parting message on her Reputation tours say:

and in the death of her Reputation, she felt truly alive