Rami Malek Turns into Freddie Mercury for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

After seven years since its first announcement, we have a first look at the upcoming Queen biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” with Rami Malek as the legendary Freddie Mercury.

Legends Never Die

Everyone knows Queen—Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon. They all met in college during the late 60s and changed the original band name from “Smile” to “Queen”. Their debut album self-titled debut album drew little mainstream attention despite the positive reviews, but their sophomore “Queen II” hit the British album chart. Throughout their 20-year run with the complete lineup, they produced epic hits like “Somebody to Love,” “We Are the Champions,” “We Will Rock You,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and so much more.

With that in mind, everyone knows Freddie Mercury—the flamboyant frontman with a four-octave vocal range. When he was offstage, however, his true introverted side came out particularly around people he didn’t know. Close friends constantly tagged him as a genius, especially with his ability to hear something on the radio and recreate it perfectly on a piano. Mercury and his close circle of friends denied the possibility of the singer contracting HIV/AIDS for years, but at one point, the public already knew. His condition caused his health to slowly deteriorate, and a few months after retiring to his home in Kensington, London, Mercury succumbed to his illness.

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

The biopic’s first announcement came from May himself in September 2010 with actor Sacha Baron Cohen originally taking up the role of Mercury. Baron Cohen dropped out of the project three years later due to creative differences with the members of Queen, and actor Ben Whishaw (Q from “Skyfall” and “Spectre”) took over. Whishaw didn’t last long either because of his work on the next James Bond film, and production was once again put to a halt. In 2016, the prized role went to “Mr. Robot” star Rami Malek, along with Gwilym Lee as May, Ben Hardy as Taylor, and Joseh Mazzello as Deacon.

They began filming earlier this year, and if all goes well, “Bohemian Rhapsody” will hit theaters on December 25, 2018. The film will follow their journey from the beginning until the band’s phenomenal 1985 Live Aid performance. Producers will be using a combination of Mercury’s, Malek’s, and a “sound alike” to record the movie’s vocals. Director Bryan Singer carved the biopic to celebrate their music rather than Mercury’s illness, but light will be shed on the issue.

A photo released shows the uncanny resemblance of Malek to Mercury, complete with the stache, attitude, and fashion sense. We’ve got a long way to go before its Christmas 2018 release, but let’s cross our fingers for an honorable biopic.

Photo courtesy of people.com

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