Lana Del Rey shouldn’t have to start her year like this! English rock band Radiohead are suing Del Rey and her team for allegedly copying their 1992 hit “Creep” in her song “Get Free”.

First Lawsuit of 2018

The story of this legal battle first surfaced on English tabloid The Sun. According to the anonymous source, the two parties have been trying to reach a settlement away from prying eyes. Team Radiohead is hoping to either receive compensation or be included on the list of songwriters in order to gain the track’s royalties. Although no one has spoken on the band’s behalf, Del Rey confirmed the authenticity of the tabloid’s story via Twitter. If anything, it looks like the singer is more than ready to lawyer up. Several music publications such as Noisey and Rolling Stone reached out to both Radiohead and Del Rey but both teams refused to comment.

The Hollies v. Radiohead

Ironically, the band found themselves in a similar situation soon after the song’s release back in 1992. Mike Hazelwood and Albert Hammond (father of The Strokes’ Albert Hammond, Jr.) claimed that Thom Yorke and company got the progression from their track “The Air That I Breathe”. Hazelwood and Hammond sued Radiohead for copyright infringement and won, resulting in the listing of the pair’s names as co-writers on the album’s inlay. Because band admitted to the resemblance between the songs, Hazelwood and Hammond decided not to sue them for all they’ve got and only ask for a small portion.

“Creep” and “Get Free” definitely share the four-chord progression; the resemblance can be heard right when Del Rey sings her first line. However, this wouldn’t be the first time that a pop star gets brought to court—Sam Smith gave royalties to Jeff Lyne and the late Tom Petty for his song “Stay With Me”, while Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams found their hit “Blurred Lines” (still a creepy song, by the way) sounding like Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up”.

As Radiohead were sued for the exact same thing before, does this mean Hazelwood and Hammond will jump on the bandwagon too? Right now, it’s too early to tell.

Featured image from Lana Del Rey Wikia and Overblown

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