Rick Ross and Skrillex’s “Purple Lamborghini” has officially became a platinum hit in terms of album-equivalent units sold. The song may have had its popularity boosted by the “Suicide Squad” movie.

“Purple Lamborghini” featured Rick Ross and Skrillex working side by side for the track. They can also be seen with Jared Leto who played the Joker in the “Suicide Squad” movie.See the music video below.

The track fitted nicely with the rest of the “Suicide Squad” soundtrack. Skrillex’s name and mixing skills also contributed to the success of the track today.

Purple Lamborghini Now Platinum

“Purple Lamborghini” also got recognition on December 2016 when it was nominated for the Grammy Award for “Best Song Written for Visual Media.” It is not hard to figure out why.

Certified Platinum +. @skrillex @beatbillionaire

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“Suicide Squad” literally also had a purple-colored Lamborghini that was being driven by the Joker. People freaked out in the cinema during this scene because there was a small cameo by the Batman, played by Ben Affleck.

The song also mentions a few of the Suicide Squad members such as Deadshot and Killer Croc. It was truly a song made for the movie itself.

Deadshot, head shot, oh my God, am I crazy?

Drugs every corner, this is Gotham City

Killer Croc came to kidnap you to cut out your kidney

Ain’t no mercy, got that purple Lamborghini lurkin’

As of this writing, the “Purple Lamborghini” music video on YouTube has more than 258 million views. It also has over 2 million likes since it was uploaded on August 2016.

What’s your favorite song in the “Suicide Squad” soundtrack?

Photo is from 24HourHipHop