Porter Robinson is hard at work—not for a follow up to his 2013 album “Worlds” but for his newest alter ego Virtual Self. The moniker’s introduction is accompanied by a single and music video that sounds like something that would kill your legs if played on Dance Dance Revolution but hey, that’s Porter for you!

Crashing Beatport’s Servers

At the age of 12, Porter Robinson began producing music. His Japanophilia heavily reflects in his work as he grew up with their culture via video games and anime. He signed a one-EP deal with Skrillex’s OWSLA label and released the chart topping plus Beatport crashing album “Spitfire”. If you’re still doubting his skills as a producer, the track “100% in the Bitch” samples an old YouTube video titled “Namasensei’s Japanese Lessons” where Namasensei swears at his viewers for two minutes straight.

Robinson eventually grew tired of the commercial EDM scene. Although his singles “Language” and “Easy” became big hits during the three-year span, he opted for a more alternative synthpop sound for his debut studio album “Worlds”. The album features other artists, his own singing, and an Avanna pack from Vocaloid 3. Despite his initial fear of backlash from long time fans, the album garnered praise from critics and listeners alike. The album cycle’s tour encouraged Robinson to perform live sets complete with live instruments, visuals, and sampling rather than typical DJ sets.

Virtual Self

His last release under his name was “Shelter” with fellow producer Madeon, and although many fans are eager for his sophomore album it looks like we’ll have to wait. Virtual Self’s single “Eon Break” is a happy hardcore, neck-breaking track that is practically the centerpoint of “Worlds” and “Spitfire”. A music video for the single features a multitude of existential questions like “Do you sense the void angel?” and “Has my virtual echo been forgotten?”, and strong statements such as “The ray of egoistic time is unlimited”.

With this in mind, it’s unlikely that the “Worlds” succeeder will arrive any time soon. Let’s just enjoy Porter Senpai’s new music—it seems like the boy can do no wrong.

Featured image from EDMTunes