OPM indie music bands and artists in the Philippines are hidden treasures. Indie music is not just for hipsters especially if the mainstream Filipino tracks today only target under-aged teenage girls.

We have a list of indie bands that play around the Metro. Some of them you might have heard already during their gigs at popular Friday night bars.

The Espasouls (Neo Soul)

As their name suggests, The Espasouls tend to lean into the Neo Soul genre. Who said that indie OPM are all alternative rock bands?

Check out their 90’s medley set:

The Espasouls can be seen playing at 19 East, 70s Bistro, Saguijo and more. You can listen to their Tiki Taka original track at SoundCloud.

Manila Magic (Indie Pop)

Tim Marquez and Zild Benitez, who hail from IV of Spades and One Click Straight respectively, have formed this indie pop duo. Their track “In The Night” sums up their sound signature too especially with their use of the synths.

Watch their original track below:

Hoochie Coochie Mikkie (Blues)

If you’ll feeling a little blue, (pun intended) Hoochie Coochie Mikkie’s performances and songs might be right for you. There aren’t a lot of Blues in the OPM Scene and it’s certainly non-existent in the mainstream tracks today.

Hoochie Coochie Mikkie’s “Raw”and “Ako’y Nadadala” captures the genre’s ruggedness. Watch his recorded live performance below:

He’s also been featured by Ford. Check it:

Oooh, lovin’ that blues!

Munimuni (Makata Pop)

Personally, I think Munimuni embodies the true OPM with their Makata Pop genre. It combines the raw band sound that most people love and a little bit of folk sound signature that really screams Pinoy.

“Marilag” is one of their best tracks. Both of the musical and lyrical compositions are full of depth.

The Geeks PH (Guitar Pop)

If you like the “traditional” OPM sound, The Geeks PH will hit the spot. Also, most of their songs cater to both heartbroken and those who are inlove.

“I Want You To Stay” is a good song to start. You can listen to them on Spotify, where they have their “The Double-Sided Sophomore Slump” album.

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