One Click Straight recently released their first extended play on Spotify titled “Nostalgic.” The EP contains six of their newest songs for 2017.

“Nostalgic” is the title of the first song in the mix. One Click Straight is not new to the independent OPM scene. The band hails from Paranaque and they claim that they started as early as 2009, according to their official website.Seeing as they are not a new band, you can expect that their compositions are well-structured and they do deliver.

One Click Straight “Nostalgic” EP: My Favorites

“Nostalgic” – This is the introduction track for the whole EP. As the name suggests, it aims to invoke a feeling of nostalgia. The tape or radio crackles in the beginning of the track is an obvious giveaway but the overall feel of the track is indeed nostalgic. The feeling may vary from person to person, however.

“Beggin” – It’s easy to listen to if you just want a funky song. It can generally be considered as a carefree song but with a little bit of sadness in the lyrics. I’m beggin’. Don’t leave me. Don’t let me go. Ironic. I like it.

Electric” – It’s another one of One Click Straight’s funky songs. Being a keyboard player myself, I like how they don’t overuse it for lead notes.

Listen to them if…

Go for them if you like easy listening, alternative rock and power pop. You’ll enjoy the funky guitar strums and the upbeat rhythm from the drums.

Don’t listen to them if…

Don’t expect much if you like songs completely unique from each other. If vocals are important to you in a song, you probably won’t be able to enjoy the band as much. That doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to come up with a good tune, though.

Overall Impression

The band does definitely have something to offer for any person looking for easy listening, power pop or just OPM. One Click Straight uses their instruments well.

There are still some areas to improve, however. For instance, it was hard to make up the lyrics in most of their songs. The instruments are mixed and mastered well which is a good thing since not all independent bands put emphasis in post production. You can clearly hear the drums, the keys and the guitars but they fall short on the vocals. As a result, you’ll have to listen to it very hard to understand what the vocalist is singing.

If you are not familiar with their songs, you’ll most likely fail to recognize which one is which. I like the alternative rock/pop tone in their songs but they may need to make each song more distinct from each other. With that said, I do think they’ll improve over time considering that their tracks are already solid. I would recommend One Click Straight’s “Nostalgic” EP on Spotify for those who want something new to listen to. 

We’ve watched One Click Straight live at Stages Sessions’ “The Gig Circuit” over at SaGuijo and we must say, they’re pretty good!

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