We just found two of OPM’s most precious gems in flow mastery and we think y’all are sleeping on their talent!

Lucky for you (and us!), we got the chance to get to know them and their music more.

Meet Asch.


Known fully as Asch Tom Neral Catabona, he is a music producer, beatmaker, song-writer and a pretty damn good mix of all four at that. Kicking off his musical journey in 2015, he went on to produce his first solo EP released in 2018, all while performing with and producing his band Tom Cat. He sure knows what he’s doing and where he’s headed with an eclectic sound that flows right from his soul to yours.


In a sentence or less, how would you describe your music?

ASCH: My music is flow and lush.

Name the top 3 artists (local or international) who inspire your sound?

ASCH: Tennyson, Hiatus Kaiyote, Jordan rakei

Future plans in the music scene?

ASCH: I’m currently producing my band right now “Tomcat” and I want to get the word out there that everyone should give us a listen. 🙂 For Asch, I am currently focusing on just making beats and raps for this year.

Any releases we should look forward to in 2020?

ASCH: (Right now I’m) releasing an Ep every month of this year. for this month, “Drown” is my latest release and I tried to tell a spiritual story with this record. 🙂

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This year he’s already come out with one EP “Shed” and “Drown”, and we definitely can’t wait for more! Looking to dip your toes in Asch’s flow? We definitely recommend his latest single Sun (something of an appetizer) if you’re looking for what to listen to first. All of Asch’s releases are available for streaming now on all platforms!


Meet Eris.


Eris Justin is an OPM sweetheart hailing from a small town in Cavite who “kinda makes music” according to his page bio. Releasing his first single in September of 2018, he’s been persevering with new releases monthly which eventually earned him his rightful spot with the OPM greats under Viva Records. A generous artist – Eris gives his fans new music consistently and just recently released a song “Hanggang Kailan” and sealed a deal with fame when his song took off as a Tiktok dance challenge.


In a sentence or less, how would you describe your music?

ERIS: My music describes how I’m feeling at a certain period of time in my life. It’s like a photo album but instead of looking at a photograph, you’re listening to a song.

Name the top 3 artists (local or international) who inspire your sound.

ERIS: This is a hard question haha. Definitely more than 3 artists inspired my sound production-wise and vocal-wise but for the record, my top three would be Jeremy Zucker, Blackbear and Bazzi (not in order). They all write and produce their own music and that’s a big plus for me. Though I can only pick three, I just wanna say that I also love Lauv and Khalid

Future plans in the music scene?

ERIS:  (I’m) Just gonna keep making music that I like and hopefully make a name for myself. I also wanna work with lots of different artists from different genres. 

Any releases we should look forward to in 2020?

ERIS: Yes! Lots of collaboration and more music coming this year. I’ve been messing with different kinds of vibes and I can’t wait for y’all to hear them. it’s gonna be a fun year for sure.

While we wait and anticipate Eris’ new releases, let’s everyone head over to Tiktok to try the #HangangNgayonChallenge yourselves! If you’re not much of a dancer yourself, then feel free to just stream Eris’ latest beat Hangang Ngayon also out now on Spotify!


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Dive deeper into OPM and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the hidden gems you’ll find. Follow these artists and definitely their music on their Facebook pages: @aschmusic for Asch and @erisjustinnn for Eris. Also on their respective Instagram accounts: @aschtomcat and @eris_justin.

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