The multi-talented Cean Jr. is now a part of O/C Records!

O/C Records announced Cean Jr., last Sunday, as the newest member of its growing number of artists, which includes the likes of UNIQUE, Arthur Nery, and Earl Generao, among others. Playfully called as the ‘Odd Family’, O/C Records boasts itself as a haven for artists who wants to be their true self.

The record label and artists management, headed by Kean Cipriano, officially welcomed singer-songwriter and producer Cean Jr.

Cean Jr.

Waiting game

Aside from the official announcement, no teaser or snippet has been made regarding Caen Jr.‘s music under O/C Records. I guess we just have to wait and see before we can hear more from this talented artist. And now with a label to guide and support him, we can only expect greater things to come from the singer-songwriter.

As we play the waiting game for his next release, his past releases will have to make do for now. Here’s what we’re listening to!

Are you excited to hear more from him?

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