Essex-based alternative rock band Nothing But Thieves are in hot water after allegations of sexual assault surfaced on Twitter. With the spring of victims coming forward to shine light on their abusers, other “loyal fans” have come to the band’s defense as well.

The Allegations

From Ducktails to Brand New, these allegations are moving at full force. The original Tweets that sparked the allegations against the band have been deleted, but this hasn’t stopped the multitude of allegations that came after. Based on the allegations currently still floating on the social media site, making sexual advances towards underaged girls seem to be a common theme between most of the members. Drunken antics, attempting to solicit nude photographs, and forced kissing are just some of the few accusations thrown.

Twitter user @amybuston shared her story attached with proof; she posted screenshots of her WhatsApp messages with the band’s drummer, James Price, coercing her into sending nude photographs, and a screenshot of her Price’s DM to her asking her to come to a Liverpool show and stay on the bus.

Fellow musician @KeraStewart spoke to her former band manager and current Nothing But Thieves drum technician Pete Bright about her experience with guitarist Dom Craik. He released a statement initially denying that he was unaware of Craik forcefully shoving his tongue down Stewart’s throat, however she posted screenshots of her prior messages with Bright regarding the incident. He simply blamed it on Craik’s cocaine use and laughed it off.

The Aftermath

Despite the proof spreading like wildfire, Nothing But Thieves released a statement regarding the matter. They denied the allegations completely, calling the accusations false. The band also commented on taking appropriate legal action against the claims. The statement ends with an apology to those who got upset over the issue, and a final reassurance that “they are totally false.”

While the boys are currently on their United Kingdom (UK) tour, their supporting act July Talk has pulled out of the remaining dates. Their statement claims that they don’t want to be involved with the band after the allegations of sexual misconduct. Alongside their exit, British music publication NME has also cancelled the scheduled Nothing But Thieves performance for the NME Awards launch party.

Nothing But Thieves is set to play Manila on January 21, 2018 at the KIA Theater. No announcement over the show’s fate has been made as of now.

Featured image from Wikimedia Commons