Still can’t get enough of bass drops and catchy tunes to dance to? We are giving you a list of new local tracks for your nightlife music fix!

After Hydro Laboracay 2017 and the Summer Siren Festival, we figured you guys will still yearn for more local music goodness. Look no further as we have just the list from your favorite local music producers, DJs and MCs!

Do We – Jet Boado feat. Paula Alcasid

Do we hold on or let go?

Do we move on, please say no

EDM tracks usually move feet and bodies. Jey Boado and Paula Alcasid’s “Do We” can also move your heart, especially if it’s a broken one. The song asks questions that may still be lingering for the brokenhearted.

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Bbgirl – BP Valenzuela feat. August Wahh and No Rome

It feels like a different night

You’re right in sight

You’re on my mind

Straight or not, you’ll surely appreciate BP’s “bbgirl” track. With its funky bass line and overall chill vibe, it’s a song you can play while trying to drive or just plain chillin’.

MVRXX x AC – Aint No Sunshine LIDO Remix Live Cover

This time, here’s a cover of a classic soul track!

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Alwyn Cruz plays the electric guitar while MVRXX handles keys and a bit of the electronic drums in their own rendition of the “Aint No Sunshine” LIDO Remix. Their live cover is better with AC’s electric guitar licks and solos. MVRXX also filled in a lot of empty spaces in the original LIDO Remix.

This cover track was actually posted by MVRXX with this heartwarming Mother’s day message for his mom:

Not really good with words that’s why I’m choosing to greet you with what I do best. Through music. This song is for you, Ma.

Mama, ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone. It’s not warm when you’re away. This house just ain’t no home when you go away. And you’re always gone too long.

Ain’t no sunshine. Mama, I miss you so much. Happy Mother’s Day to you there in heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there too. The MVPs of our lives.

Kio Priest – We’ll Never Know

Can we give it one more night

Can we give it one last try

Before we say goodbye

If you want to a track that will give you that summer vibes, Kio Priest’s “We’ll Never Know” is for you. Don’t be fooled, this one is also for the brokenhearted. The vaporwave aesthetics of the music video is also another plus.

Marga Bermudez – Mercury, The State of the Unconscious Mind

Marga On The Mic recently released this awesome music video on her Facebook page. The music video itself is a work of art. It’s consistent and it works for “Mercury” well.

Do you have some local music you want us to listen to? Hit us up on our social media accounts!