My Chemical Romance may still be reunited after lead vocalist Gerard Way revealed that it is not entirely impossible. Time to grow out those bangs again or dye your hair.

For many emo teens (who should have grown up now) several years back, MCR was a staple mainstream band. If you listened to My Chemical Romance, people would label you as emo.

There is no solid confirmation that My Chemical Romance will be back together. Gerard Way even went as far to tell Billboard that he does not miss MCR at all and that they all have separate lives now.

To tide you over until they decide to reunite again, here are some of our favorite My Chemical Romance songs. Listen to them and reconnect with your inner angst and sadness.

My Chemical Romance Songs We Love

Welcome to the Black Parade

When I was a young boy

My father took me into the city

To see a marching band

Almost all of my friends who are fans of My Chemical Romance know the intro for the song on piano. To be fair, the lead is easy and only has around 11 notes.

What I like about the song is how it starts slow, builds up, goes fast, and ends slow again. “Welcome to the Black Parade” is one of MCR’s most popular songs.

Helena (So Long and Goodnight)

What’s the worst thing I can say

Things are better if I stay

So long and goodnight

My Chemical Romance’s “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” album certainly captures the emo era at the time. “Helena” is my favorite track from the album because of its upbeat tempo and kinda creepy music video.

The album also captures the whole emo scene around the mid 2000s. Gerard Way still had long hair back then.


Sing it for the boys

Sing it for the girls

Every time that you lose it sing it for the world

Personally, I didn’t like the “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” album from MCR. Still, the post apocalyptic visual pegs are cool.

“SING” is my favorite track out of all the others in the said album. I like the drum beats and the piano inserts here and there.

Famous Last Words

I am not afraid to keep on living

I am not afraid to walk this world alone

Honey if you stay, I’ll be forgiven

Nothing you can say can stop me going home

I fondly remember my friends trying to put on a serious angry face when singing the intro of “Famous Last Words.” There’s just something about the intro riff and the words “Now I know, that I can’t make you stay, but where’s your heart” that hits home.

This MCR song was part of their “The Black Parade” album and is the second most popular track in the said release. It’s a also go-to karaoke song for fans. Despite the dark undertone of the song, the lyrics are surprisingly positive.

What’s your favorite My Chemical Romance song? Do you think MCR will still reunite even years after they disbanded?