Miley Cyrus grew up as the poster child of Disney Channel, but her post-“Hannah Montana” life quickly spiralled. Her eccentric behavior garnered negative press and a majority of the public basically disowned her. Little did they know, a few years down the line, our beloved Miley would make everything right in the world.

Headline After Headline

It’s no secret that the people didn’t take her life after Disney very well. Nearly everything she did—her music, her body, her twerking—became the subject of scrutiny and she couldn’t catch a break. Her creepy 2013 VMAs performance with Robin Thicke shocked the entire world and that’s when everybody knew she had grown out of the Disney shell. She looks back at the incident and laughs about it now but just so everyone knows, Thicke knew what she was going to do all along and he should get as much heat for it as she did.

Her controversies branched as far as racial appropriation. Complex took the time to create a timeline of her problematic statements with most of the issues coming from her 2013 album “Bangerz.” The album received mixed reviews, some praising Cyrus as “an independent woman and A-list popstar” while some refused to believe that the “mediocre work” came from her. Her independently-released succeeding album “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” came about while collaborating with the Flaming Lips, taking credit for the psychedelic rock sound of the album. Just like the previous album, critics applauded her ambition and experimentation while others considered its production to be lacking.

“Younger Now”

Four years after the beginning of the wreckage, Miley Cyrus begins anew. She left behind the twerking-and-racial-appropriating Miley and dives back into her country roots. During an interview with NPR, she talks about refusing to label music. Country, hip hop, folk—they’re all music.

Her beautiful transformation to the glowing Miley we see today greatly reflects on her own music, too. “Malibu”, the lead single from her upcoming album “Younger Now,” she sings about “a brand new start, a dream come true, in Malibu.” The track is an ode to her (finally) fiancé Liam Hemsworth, hinting that he plays a role in the change of her positive outlook on life. “Malibu” is dreamy pop at its finest.

With the release of the title track’s music video, she credits a conversation with her mother for the name. While she dressed in an all-sparkling Christmas get up, Tish raised the question, “When did you become an eight-year-old?” To which she answered, “I feel younger now.” With that mindset, her need to prove a point lessened, liberating her of society’s constraints.

“I think when you are a teenager, young adult, you’re trying so hard to be cool or to prove something or to be something away from who you’ve been as a kid. And I guess as I’ve gotten older — what Younger Now says is, even though it’s not who I am, I’m not afraid of who I used to be.”

Our love for her continues and we can’t wait for her album, “Younger Now,” to drop on September 29. For all the Hannah Montana fans like me, here’s a little something to get you shookt. We meet again, Miley Cyrus.

Featured image from Billboard