2017 saw a great deal of new musical acts, but it also saw a rise in suicidal deaths amongst musicians. It’s about time we address the issue of mental health in the music industry, and Music Minds Matter is here to do just that.

Yes, Music Can Make You Sick

A study done by organization Help Musicians UK, University of Westminster, and MusicTank in 2016 took a closer look at the working conditions of musicians. “Can Music Make You Sick?” is the world’s largest known study of musicians’ mental health and currently has two phases. A total of 2,211 musicians took part in the study between November 2016 and October 2017.

Preliminary findings in Phase One suggested that musicians find comfort in creating their art, but working in the music industry itself may lead to ill mental health. The industry’s poor working conditions, lack of recognition, physical impacts, and even simply being a woman are listed down as the attributed reasons. 26 of the original respondents came back for Phase Two where they were asked about their working experiences and how they thought it affects their mental health. Their working environment, sense of self, and non-stop schedules are just some of the findings from the qualitative research.

Music Minds Matter

Folks from Help Musicians UK are also further committed to “Building a Music Industry Mental Health Taskforce” and “Igniting support and underpining a global approach”. The taskforce will provide a forum for people in the music industry, mental health experts, and ambassadors can talk about the issues and make recommendations. The organization will continue to partner with other groups that will provide support as well.

Help Musicians UK launched the Music Minds Matter campaign after Chester Bennington’s untimely passing earlier this year. The service is open 24/7, and can be reached via telephone for those in the same country and via email for those abroad. Trained advisors will be there to give guidance, emotional support, information, and any additional services that might be of help.

Cheers to breaking the stigma step by step. We hope this goes international!

Featured image from NY Daily News