In the continuously burgeoning pop music scene in the country, first impressions can be an aspiring artist’s ticket to stardom. And that’s a route the group ‘Alamat’ has taken for their debut– going all-out for their first single ‘kbye’ and its accompanying music video. The result? A charming, vibrant piece that both entertains and reinforces the notion which SB19, Ben&Ben, and many other OPM greats have been proving all along: Filipino talents do have the ‘k’ to make it to the global stage.


alamat new p-pop group

VIVA Records’ new P-pop boy group, ALAMAT, has a very clear intention. From their aesthetic looks that showcase a mix of ancient art and street fashion, to their music that merges modern pop and local sounds with indigenous influences, audiences would know from the get-go what the group is trying to achieve: to offer a fresh breath of experience that fascinates the crowd while shooting up people’s appreciation for the rich Filipino cultural heritage.

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‘ALAMAT’ is a fusion of different talents from all over the country. The nine-member group consists of Taneo from Kalinga, Mo from Zambales, Jao from Pampanga, Kin from Quezon City, R-Ji from Eastern Samar, Valfer from Negros Occidental, Gami from Bohol, Tomas from Albay, and Alas from Davao City.

Their band name, ALAMAT, results from a play on two meanings of the word. As we know it, alamat, or legend in English, refers to a popular narrative passed down to generations after generations. At the same time, alamat is a term that refers to a widely admired person for being the subject of a legendary story. This word basically embodies ALAMAT’s vision of reaching marvelous feats that their countrymen will be proud of. Judging by their debut track ‘kbye,’ it’s safe to say that they’re off to an impressive start.

Truth be told: ALAMAT’s first major attempt to introduce their craft would have understandably felt awkward, because that’s what usually happens when you serve people a taste of something different. However, that’s not what happened. ‘kbye’ is refreshing to the ears and eyes, and the internet has immediately found itself vibing with the song and voicing out its admiration for the newest P-pop boy group in town.

Normalizing linguistic diversity

ALAMAT’s creative direction is handled by Ninuno Media, a partnership between VIVA and filmmaker Jason Paul Laxamana that takes on a mission to make Filipino entertainment a source of national pride by producing globally competent original Pinoy content.

According to them, ALAMAT was formed with the “counter-Kpop” concept– meaning, the use of intensive training, audiovisual music, commercial appeal, etc. that makes up the tried-and-tested Kpop formula but promotes Filipino culture and sensibilities instead.

“The idea is, if we seek to genuinely embody the Philippines, Alamat should reflect the country’s cultural and linguistic diversity,” Ninuno media added. That is why, part of their recruitment process was making sure that an aspiring member of the group is proficient in his native language, aside from being good at singing and dancing. As already hinted in their debut single, multilingualism will be one of ALAMAT’s many unique attributes we can expect to see moving forward.

Seven Philippine languages can be heard in ALAMAT’s debut track, ‘kbye’: Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Bicolano, Waray-Waray, Hiligaynon, and Bisaya. The music video for ‘kbye’ premiered on February 14 on ALAMAT’s official Youtube channel. You can also stream the track on various digital platforms.

A glimpse into an exciting musical career ahead, ALAMAT’s ‘kbye’ has proven once again that support is inevitable when your product is of quality and reflects your sincere dedication to art. This group has a long way to go before global domination (if that’s what they’re after), but as early as now, we can say that the future is looking really bright for these youngbloods.

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