Born to Indonesian and Caucasian parents, Stephanie Poetri of Jakarta, Indonesia is truly as charming as she seems!

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter, represented by none other than #asianpride 88rising, shares that the label took her under their wing after she had written the song ‘I love you 3000’. The said song would later be released as the artist’s debut single and top chart after chart very shortly upon release.

Who is stephanie Poetri? uDOu January 2021

Stephanie Poetri?

Although Poetri isn’t her real surname, it was still a very personal stage name choice since her dad used to write poetry for her mom and “Putri” in Indonesian directly translates to “princess”. Just to quickly add as well that she shared, Stephanie also doesn’t really know how to properly pronounce her Irish last name “Dougharty”.



When asked about the inspiration for her latest release “Selfish” she explains that it’s about “ when you’re kinda with someone but not really and then you see them with someone else” and feel like you don’t have a right to be jealous but you are.

A testament to just how adorable and human she is who just like every other teenager out there has been in the rut of relationships without labels.

Stephanie Poetri’s Genre

Although she focuses more on acoustic pop as her forte, she admits that she dabbles a little bit into r&b and isn’t closing herself off of other forms of music.

Life as a Kpop stan

Stephanie is a very open fan of Kpop. When asked if she’d like to collaborate with any Kpop artist, she casually let slip that Jae from Day6 is who she stans.

With regards to future collaborations in the world-dominating landscape of kpop, she says she’d love to collaborate with artists such as Blackpink and Twice although not as a performer but a songwriter.

OPM Collaborations?

In speaking about collaborations with international music acts, she shared that a few days prior, Ben & Ben had been recommended to her by a thoughtful fan during an Instagram Livestream and that had sparked so much interest in the band.

“They have really great songs,” Poetri says with regards to Ben & Ben’s music.


AM PM is Stephanie Poetri’s upcoming EP to be released real soon! Fans can expect a total of 6 songs coming out during the release.

She reveals that she’ll be releasing singles from the EP on the days leading up to its release.

Seeing as she already teased the first one over on Instagram, we know we won’t have to wait too long which is totally awesome since we can’t wait for more from this loveable princess of talent!

For now, stream “Selfish” out now, everywhere!


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