Let’s dive into the band behind the global smash hit “Make You Mine” as they share more about their humble beginnings and their newest track “Honey In The Summer”.


PUBLIC will not let this quarantine stop them from reaching out to fans as they sat down for a casual interview via zoom with UDOU. The band has reached a global audience when their catchy love song “Make You Mine” went viral on TikTok. Now they’re back with another infectious track, “Honey In The Summer” that will surely get you dancing in your bedroom despite the sweltering heat. 

Discover PUBLIC better with us through our interview below:



Hailing all the way from Cincinnati Ohio is the trio that makes up the band PUBLIC. Comprised of John Vaughn (vocals/guitar), Matthew Alvarado (bass/synth/vocals), and Ben Lapps (percussion), the three-piece band are childhood friends that started out as members of a Jazz orchestra in high school.

John and Ben met each other first during kindergarten. At around 12 years old, both picked up guitars and together became teenagers realizing the importance of music. Matt who was a year higher was playing the bass guitar one day when John walked into him playing. The lead singer shared that he immediately thought Matt should come over and jam with them. “He kinda like put that missing piece to what we needed. He actually put a bass line to a song we have already been writing almost immediately.” Ben added that it was like real chemistry.

The trio was a perfect fit together and from playing their first show ever in a high school talent show, the band went to touring along with well-known acts such as Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, and The Driver Era. They are now a signed band under the Island Records and is managed by Kevin Jonas Sr.

Their Music

Thoughts on Make You Mine

PUBLIC took the spotlight when their addictive single “Make You Mine” blew up on the social media platform, TikTok. To date, there are over 2.5 Million videos made using “Make You Mine” as the background to dreamy gestures of love. 


Sharing his thoughts on this, Ben says:

“It’s absolutely an honor to have made something that is the soundtrack to peoples romantic life. This generation has embraced the song as like an anthem for anything romantic or just in general kind of sweet.”

PUBLIC is now part of many people’s milestones, even to drummer Ben himself as the hit love song was also played on his wedding day.

Song Recommendation

Although many were introduced to PUBLIC because of “Make You Mine”, the track is definitely not their only song. John shares that the band has grown since then and they have so much more to offer in their music. But if you’re new to the pop/rock band then here’s a few songs you can listen to next based on the trios suggestion.

It’s no surprise that both Ben and John chose their latest release “Honey In The Summer”. For the drummer, the summer single is special to him because disco is his favorite genre. Something that he’s very into these days.

While for John, it’s a great way to introduce new fans to who the PUBLIC is. “Honey In The Summer” is a good representation of what they’ve been writing and what music style they’re going for, the lead singer explains. But if he has to choose an older track, John picks “Lonely”. The song was written after a difficult break-up and was released way back in 2015. He shares it’s a unique track in the band’s catalog of songs.

Matt on the other hand chose a personal song he penned titled “Honest”. He explains that his prior lyrics were more about falling in love but “Honest” came from a selfish place he was scared to share.

“In this aspect of maybe liking someone I think I kinda came of in a more negative light. Like a sad light. For me to write that and let that out in the world, it felt like I could breathe again after that. Now people know and now I know that we can write some stuff with like a whole different depth than some of the other stuff we have written before.”

Just like every artist out there, PUBLIC reveals they feel scared when releasing songs. Although excitement is given, there’s always a level of fear of how the people would react. Matt tells us a fan once asked him how do they get over that fear and he wisely answers that they never do. “I think the freedom of music is people can take what they want from it and that fear is just human. It’s like you’re sharing a side of you that’s not right or wrong, it’s just you.”

Honey In The Summer

PUBLIC recently came out with a brand-new summer anthem “Honey In The Summer”. John shares that it started with Ben messing around with a disco chord progression, the exact one we can hear played throughout the track. John then paced around the apartment thinking what cool phrase someone like Bruno Mars would say and that’s how “Honey In The Summer” came to be.

The trio is ready to further establish their name in the pop landscape with this breezy laid-back track that you’ll be blasting through your speakers all summer. Created when they were single, the song talks about what they wanted to do on a summer day when everyone is out with their loved ones. If you’re in the mood to reminisce on the time where you could freely drive around while listening to your favorite music then “Honey In The Summer” will bring that vibe to you.

Watch the official music video below:


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