Meet Mxmtoon through an Exclusive Interview with uDOu!

Get to know the Bedroom Pop Empire Princess, Mxmtoon as she shares more about her EP, Dawn and latest releases!

I am betting that many of us (like me) enjoy her diary-spawned songs that put  her on the spotlight. And uncommon to some this real life Disney Princess isn’t all that bent to catapult into mainstream stardom, instead she dishes out in our roundtable talk with her how she focuses on creating music that moves.

Under the screen name Mxmtoon, Maia is an American-Chinese who began secretly posting composed ukulele songs online, most of which she recorded in her bedroom. She remembers starting with simple covers until she eventually shared her whimsical original songs.

Discover her more through our interview below!


Mxmtoon With her Ukelele

Barely three years of her stay in the music industry, Maia, who overflows with humility has impressively assembled an independent, D.I.Y. mini-empire of her works which comprises of her covers as well as her originals songs that tends to pull us out of reality.

And all this is of course accompanied mostly by her own musical magic wand! (or at least to us) her Ukelele! Who would have thought such amazing tracks can be produced from such a small instrument?

Don’t believe us? Just check out our favourite video of her below!


Oh but there’s more! You also can definitely learn to play her tracks by watching her ukelele tutorials on her Youtube account. With her astounding conversational folk-pop simplicity that isn;t really that simple (make sense?) haha, there is no doubt why Mxmtoon is definitely winning audiences on her social media platform.

First time to listen to her?

If it’s your first time also to dive into her music, know that she has a song recommendation for you guys!

“I think for people who’ve just discovered my music. I think the best one to start off with would be ‘Prom Dress’. Just because that’s one of my popular songs and I think it does a really good job of exploring the themes that I write about a lot in my music. So, I think that’s the one.” – Maia

On Asia Rising Forever

Along with great Asian artists like NIKI , Rich Brian, UMI and more, Mxmtoon absolutely sung one of her best LIVE performances yet out during her performance last May on 88rising: Asia Rising Forever online concert. She totally outdid herself as she performed her original song ‘Prom Dress‘ and a cover of ‘10/10‘ by Rex County Orange

If you haven’t seen her performance yet, you can check it out below!


“I was freaking out for like weeks, when I found out that I was gonna able to that because I’m a huge fan of 88rising and to be to also as a mixed race person growing up half-white and half-chinese, kind of like, claiming my Asian identity and feeling like I can be accepted into a community of other Asian musicians and artists that I really respect. And look up to as a musician was super super exciting so I was really really nervous to b part of that because it was really weird to see me side by side with a  bunch of people that I personally listen to in my free time but it was also really really exciting.” Maia expressed.


Her Own music

Following her 2019 debut album, Mxmtoon just released her new EP, ‘dawn’ with a very refreshing outlook as it draws us to her growth as an artist. It’s her first instalment from a two-part EP project along with its other-half, ‘dusk’ that is set to slate digital platforms later this year.

Fever Dream‘, the main kick off from her entire 7-track EP is a totally satisfying listen that allows you to explore the boundaries of her dreamy and optimistic world.

“It was the first EP that I think I really leaned into pop music and kind of exploring heavier production and seeing myself in a context that wasn’t so indie music and thaw was really exciting because I did a lot of session work with other artists, I was writing with different writers and collaborating with people for the first time on creating these songs in a different sense that I did with my first album” she added.

Other goodies…

And before we forget — a new track of hers was recently premiered, ‘Bon Iver‘ alongside an accompanying music video, directed by Morgan Gruer; the first instalment track from her forthcoming EP, ‘Dusk‘. 

“The inspiration behind the song ‘Bon Iver’ was obviously there’s another artists out there called Bon Iver and I’m a huge fan of their music and I think its beautiful.I was really wanting to make a song that felt like it could hold just like a slight candle to his project and the beauty that I find within his own music.” she noted.

Mxmtoon — the Disney princess in real life we never thought we needed

All in all, we liken the entirety of Mxmtoon’s tracks to a magical music box that lulls us into a dreamy world of euphoria! . Yep, we totally did fall for her songs as well!

If you want to dig a little more, and get to know her — you can just stream her songs on all available digital platforms out there including Spotify — plus, try to subscribe on her Youtube channel as she also releases really cool daily vlogs!

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What’s your favorite track from Mxmtoom so far?

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