Dive into Maximillian’s follow-up single to his #1 Double-Platinum Hit ‘Beautiful Scars’! Plus, get to know him more and his latest track, ‘I Know Better’.

If you found acceptance and sanity in his smash hit ‘Beautiful Scars,’ we could say that ‘I Know Better’ hits us very differently. The talented young Dane knows better now as he self-reflects in his glistening new single.

Fortunately, we were given the opportunity to have a short but sweet talk with Maximillian who honestly melted our hearts in our conversation as he shared more about his heartfelt works.

To get to know more about his music and his newly released track, check out our short interview with him below!

More about the young hitmaker

One of the new discoveries we had this year is his single that, all the way from Denmark where Maximillian lives, achieved global virality. Netizens would use his track on Tiktok and would really vibe with it. And with his empathetic and somber lyrics, it does help the youth reflect on their struggles of being involved with the wrong crowd– proof that Maximilli is wise beyond his tender years and writes with a profound maturity that invites his loyal listeners to share their most intimate feelings. 

“I so vividly remember Roger Waters ascending from behind ‘The Wall’ – I was mesmerised. I knew from that moment I belonged on the stage, and ever since I’ve been working, hoping I can give another young kid the chance at a better life, and the chance to speak openly about their life experiences. Who knows where I’d be without music.”- Maximillian

It’s no wonder that Maximillian has built a devoted international fanbase at the young age of 21, with South East Asia now being the biggest. Despite a solo trip to Thailand in 2014, Maximillian had never been to SEA before his smash-hit ‘Beautiful Scars’ would rival the likes of Lady Gaga, BTS, Lewis Capaldi and Justin Bieber in the region.

Maximillian’s take on his new track

Speaking of his relatable verses, ‘I Know Better’ is like a sequel to ‘Beautiful Scars’ that flaunts his honest reflection in life and overcoming struggles as we grow with maturity. At some point, immersing ourselves in his tracks is like embracing a profound knowledge of being a better version of ourselves.

In case you haven’t given it a listen yet, you can check it below!


‘Beautiful Scars’ and the new anthem, ‘I Know Better’ transport listeners back to Maximillian’s childhood, from which point he takes you to his coming of age story, and how he grew up to be the man he is now. Beyond his highly anticipated release, Max’s 2019 project, ‘Ripples’ continues to gradually grow, sitting just beneath 10 million streams. 

 ”In the middle of the night when I was lying awake on my bed suddenly this whole story of ‘I Know Better’ unfolded and sort of projected itself onto the walls of my room. It’s a song about childhood and about how I used to cope with emotions growing up. I used to be cold and I used to fear my own feelings, but I’ve learned that sometimes just letting it all out and crying is a necessary part of life – to move on and become a better and stronger version of yourself.” he expressed.

‘I Know Better’ MV Inspiration

Well, aside from his track’s wonderful message, its accompanying music video is also a refreshing one. From seeing that wide array of mountains and Maximillian’s great use of mirror as symbolism, he also shared how he enjoyed filming ‘I Know Better’ music video.

“I wanted to resemble a few things, like me reflecting backwards but also backwards to forwards. In the video, you see like me standing in the woods and I’m looking in the mirror but the reflection in the mirror is actually reflection of Copenhagen.” he shared.

Also, he shared that he never really went out to nature that much. So, with the idea of ‘I Know Better’ music video, we could say that Maximillian totally plunged into something new. Overall, we saw so much of him and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with him on such a personal level!

‘I Know Better’ is one of the best tracks on his latest EP called ‘Still Alive‘. We do hope that you will jam with his tracks below whenever you want to hear his genuine and heartfelt music! It really is a breath of fresh air!

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