Meet Johnny Orlando In An Exclusive Interview With uDOu!

Here are the things you need to know about the rising Pop superstar, Johnny Orlando, and his latest track, ‘Everybody Wants You’!

Serving us his contemporary bedroom pop, we cannot deny how much we adore the music of Johnny Orlando. At just 17 years old, the Canadian singer-songwriter has already slated global stardom.

To give you a little refresher, he started by covering the tracks of Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone on Youtube. Then, eventually, he got signed under Universal Music Group last 2018. How amazing is that, right?

As he has taken the music industry by storm, we had an opportunity to get to know him more. And, we cannot wait to share our interview below!

His Music

W could say that Johnny Orlando offers a bedroom pop at first until recently when it transcended to booming head-boppy beats with cuts of lo-fi rhythm chops. At some point, Orlando obviously gravitated away from the usual pop-mix and melted us with a rendition of his heartfelt work.

His voice is crisp, naturally husky, and passionately soulful as he continues to evolve in his music. We can see this more with his new release, ‘Everybody Wants You’, a definite showcase of his growth both lyrically and as an artist. 

Johnny Orlando’s take on his new track

Speaking of his new single, Orlando collaborated with New York-based songwriters/producers Pom Pom aka Kellen Pomeranz and Jesse Fink, with the singer-songwriter Soran Dussaigne (Soran). With their amazing teamwork, they have created a strong, ‘crank-up-the-volume’ track as an installment for Orlando’s upcoming sophomore EP, to be released tomorrow, October 23!

According to Orlando, he is definitely excited to share his upcoming tracks with the world. He honestly admits that he artistically found himself more through these new releases and he foresaw what kind of music he wanted to represent. 

Oh! What’s more, he also shared the inspiration behind his latest track ‘Everybody Wants You’.

“The inspiration behind the song is… It’s like the four or five popular girls in your school. They just kinda like run the place, run your city and I mean I fell for one of them and I got hurt. So, it’s kinda where it came from.”– Johnny Orlando

This latest track is the follow-up to “See You” and what’s more exciting is the special re-release of his Gold-certified 2018 smash hit “What If,” re-titled to “What If (I Told You I Like You)” is the tip of the iceberg as his coming EP is bound to be like an outlet or a vessel that absolutely express his thoughts about some uncertainties in the future. 

Also, in case you haven’t given ‘Everybody Wants You’ a listen yet, you can definitely check it out below!


Being nominated twice at MTV EMAs

At his young age, he totally showcased his prowess in songwriting and releasing awesome tracks. No wonder why he has been nominated twice at MTV EMA’s Best Canadian Act. On top of that, Orlando officially bagged the award last year in the said category! Yay!

Plus, he also garnered a nomination for Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2019 JUNO Awards as well as at the Teen Choice Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, and iHeart Much Music Video Awards. 

For this year, the young rising artist is nominated again at MTV EMA’s ‘Best Canadian Act’ together with Justine Bieber, Alessia Cara, The Weekend, and Jessie Reyez. What a blast, right? We are pretty sure that Orlando is totally amazed by being nominated twice and we can honestly say that he still managed to be a down-to-earth young superstar.

“I didn’t expect to be nominated in first time. So, to be nominated twice is crazy to me. I mean the competition that I’m up against, my fellow artists are just ridiculous to have my name beside. So, it’s an honor for me to be there.” he expressed.

So, if you are absolutely so into his music, don’t hesitate to vote here.

His song recommendation

If you haven’t immersed yourself into his track like ‘Last Summer’ or his past great tracks,  here is Orlando’s song recommendation for everyone including those who had just stumble upon his music!

“Definitely, ‘Everybody Wants You’ that’s like the closest that I had out to where I wanna be in the future. So for sure, ‘Everybody Wants You’ and when the EP comes out listen to that ‘Bad Boy’  too.” he added. 

So, I am betting that many of his fans are truly waiting for his new EP, ‘It’s Never Really Over‘ and for sure, Johnny Orlando will light up the virtual stages wherever they maybe with his fresh & tantalizing tracks!


Overall, we could say that Johnny Orlando is an amazing, down-to-earth rising superstar and we cannot wait for what he has in store for us! And we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with him on such a personal level!

We do hope that you will jam with his tracks below and wait for his highly anticipated EP coming up in just a matter of time. 

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What’s your favorite track from Johnny Orlando?

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