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Meet James Bay Through a Roundtable Interview with uDOu!

Here are the things you need to know about the British singer-songwriter, James Bay and his latest track called, ‘Chew On My Heart’!

If you’re truly a fan of James Bay, you definitely know how he is known for his excellently patterned sappy verses. But to our surprise, his latest track for this year hits us very differently.

Yes, you have heard it right! Three-time Grammy Award-nominated and BRIT Award-winning multiplatinum singer-songwriter, James Bay is back with a brand new single entitled “Chew On My Heart”.

Getting To Know More About His Music

Basically, we could say that James is in love when he wrote this new track! He obviously gravitated away from his usual abstract concept and has melted us with a rendition of his heartfelt work. Come with us as we immerse into this track even further!

We had such an awesome time getting to know him more, we cannot wait to share our interview below!


His tough heart

Speaking of James’ tracks, we could say that he usually is known for his ability to hide his true emotions by weaving it through his melancholic lyricism. Just like how his past albums made us relate to its distant feelings while it slowly wreaked havoc in our hearts. Additionally, he is also quite known for his tried-and-true style with his clever lyricism, honest confessions, and instrumental proficiency. (100% legit!)

To give you a little refresher, he did initially opened up on the Oh My Messy Mind EP last year. Between the hit single “Peer Pressure” and “Bad” we saw some raw emotions. The said project generated over 350 million global streams and counting. It truly went well! Oh! What’s more interesting? Is that he also spent the majority of 2019 opening for the only one, Ed Sheeran on his record-breaking stadium run. Which is tremendous work! However, rather than taking a break from writing, he kept going.

“I took all of these experiences, soaked them up, and sort of rang myself out. Instead, I dipped my toe into writing during tour to see if I could. If I want longevity, I have to try new things all the time. I let the past be the past and just kept pushing forward. Electric Light was a great experience, because it was so different. Then, I stripped everything down for the Oh My Messy Mind EP, which was a therapy session in a way. With the new music, I’ve  been able to distill everything into lean songwriting. I’m drawing from what I’ve done, but I’m refining everything. In the past, I had often written from a place of sadness. During this process, I really zeroed in on what’s positive and great in my life. The lyrics really reflect that positivity. It’s a different season for me.”– James Bay


James Bay’s take on his new track

At the beginning of 2020, we saw James as he retreated to Nashville for a month and saw him eventually deliver some of his rawest and best studio performances. And truth be told,  this talented man is far from done! He will be dropping another album! Yay! 

In our recent talk with him about his new song, Chew On My Heart’, he did give foresight that this is basically the first installment track to be released from his forthcoming album (And we are beyond excited for it, TBH). 

Oh, we could also take note that this is a really great example of releasing something so close and personal about himself to the public for the first time. We can honestly feel an outpouring of love, and that’s a major theme across this new music.

“All the songs coming from the next album, I thought I was writing sort of emotional, sad songs cause that’s sort of how I naturally write and as I listened back to the lyrics of these songs and particularly, ‘Chew on My Heart’. I realized there’s so much positivity and I actually recognized I’ve been in a relationship for thirteen years and I always been quite kind of private about that. I think what I’ve recognized is that I’ve written these songs because I don’t wanna act like in my relationship or my girlfriend doesn’t exist. We’ve been together for so long and she’s so important to me and it’s such an important part of my life. And I realized that I wanna celebrate that so I’ve done that.”-James Bay

Another side of James Bay

Aside from braving this act of sharing his private life, James also added a bonus as he openly shared his talent to everyone as he offered a free guitar tutorial to those affected during the pandemic. Isn’t he just sweet and amazing?

You can check the informative tutorial of some of his tracks like ‘Let it go’, ‘Hold Back The River’, ‘ Stealing Cars’ and more! We took the liberty of adding one below and if you definitely enjoyed it, just go to his official channel on Youtube and learn more on how to play!


Overall, I can honestly say that James Bay is truly a genuine and sincere artist. Just like how he answered questions straight from his heart and gave us those passionate responses regarding the writing process of his latest track, ‘Chew on My Heart’. We saw so much of him and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with him on such a personal level!

We do hope that you will jam with his tracks below whenever you want to hear his genuine and heartfelt music! It really is a breath of fresh air!


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What’s your favorite track from James Bay so far?

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What's your favorite track from James Bay so far?

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