Let’s dive into the emerging singer-songwriter, Gracie Abrams as she shares more about her craft and latest releases!

Songwriting can be a vessel for every one of us⁠—an escape, or it can be our just purely passion. But to tell you, for 20-year-old Gracie Abrams, it means everything. As she lets her emotions pout out through every lyric of her songs, we can definitely say that she is one of the music artists that should be on your radar this 2020!

Discover her more through our interview below!

Stretching her verses

Gracie kickstarted her music career in 2019 by releasing two singles— ‘Mean It’ and ‘Stay’ and just recently, she released her relatable 7-track debut offering called minor. It is an impressive collection of intimately detailed electro-pop songs that flaunts her delicate melodic flair. 


“It feels really goods and it feels I have got closure on the subjects that I wrote about and it’s comforting and kind of like, I feel being validated by everyone who’s listened to it so far because it is so personal. And to know that people are connecting with it. It’s just like it means everything.” Gracie expressed.

In case you didn’t know yet, this young girl is the daughter of Star Trek and Star Wars director JJ Abrams. But let’s set aside that knowledge; Gracie chose to be on her own when it comes to carving her own path in the popularity scene.

She began posting covers on her Youtube account not for people to notice her talent but for taking it as a therapeutic thing.

“When I started putting music on Instagram, it was always my original stuff which I kind of did because it felt like when I hit the button on my phone I got to like move on from whatever it was I was writing about. Which doesn’t really make sense because everything exist forever on the internet. But for me, personally, it felt like a therapeutic thing to just like press send and walk away. I just never stopped loving writing music and when it kind of became more of a legitimate opportunity to work really really hard at it, that what i wanted to do and so that’s  why I put this project out.” she said.

On her projects

Through her successful debut project, ‘minor‘, we felt her feeling way through her impulsive songwriting techniques and styles which perfectly suited her songs. Speaking of technique, she’s keen, at some point to be in a place where she can do the same as any other music artists who crafted proper albums to be enjoyed by their listeners. 

” I guess the most fun that I had was working with other people because I’m someone that started writing completely alone and so to let other people in  is typically really scary for me but I guess I had the most fun learning from everybody else that was in the room. Specifically, when I had my session for ’21’.”


For now, she’s focused on building up to her first shows even staying up late at night for every virtual interview, making music that’s honest and with people she can fully trust. 

“Those people made it feel so okay, safe and comfortable and I guess it just taught me a lot about the power of collaborating with people that you trust and how it can kind of push you into new spaces that you wouldn’t have gotten into otherwise.”

Her own voice

Aside from letting her own emotions through her verse, this young talented lady wants also to inspire youth by using their rights to vote.

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“I talk about voting a lot like showing up and taking part in our democracy which right now is incredibly fragile. I think there is nothing more important than contributing to our democracy in that way and taking advantage of our voices as a young people.”

Gracie views that the voices of the youth are discouraged by the media. However, according to her, it is within our responsibility to make this world a better place. So, through the act of voting wherever you are in the world, she’s encouraging everyone to use our voice and recognize that our experiences, opinions, and beliefs are valid as well as the other same-minded people who can take action and make a change.

Overall, Gracie is totally ready to tell more of her stories, opinions and you get the feeling more and more people will be listening to her great tracks! 

If you want to dig a little more, you can stream her songs on different digital platforms including on Spotify.


What’s your favorite track from Gracie Abrams so far?

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