Dive into the music of London-based Filipina-British singer, Beabadoobee as she shares more about her stunning debut album, ‘Fake it Flowers’.

Rooted in 90’s indie, Bea Kristi, or known as Beabadoobee happily writes songs for such movies of her own dreams. I am betting that you also see her as a singer-songwriter who foster her craft through cinematic lenses, and in her own visual terms. 

To tell you, the songs on her debut album, Fake It Flowers, have self-described “end of ’90s movie vibes” where the credits rolling, fade to black, and there you witness a happy ending. So, to dig more into her indie rock music and Bea herself, let’s discover her more through our interview below! 


Why calling her self, “Beabadoobee”?

Under her peculiar-pretty-cool screen name, Beabadoobee, of course, we all want to know the story behind it. At some point, just like her, we created names for ourselves and somehow treated those names like they were the defining part of our own branding.

For Bea, it was supposedly only for her Instagram name and she didn’t have a clue that it would be her name for the rest of life. About it, she shares:

“I called my Instagram ‘Radvxz’ when I was 15, and Iw as trying to be cool. I was like oh my god, let me go on like Tumblr, Random Generator for like names and I called it “radvxz” because it was cool. And ‘Beabadobee’ came from, well the I had no idea this is going to happen so when I released my music online my friend Oscar was like ‘you know you need an artist name to go under by and I was like ‘No One’s gonna care, call it my finsta name and my finsta is like is my other Instagram name.” she shared during interview.

“So I called my Instagram name “Beabadooobee’, My Artist name called ‘Beabadoobee’. Like, without thinking this was gonna be my life and now, I’m ‘Beabadoobee’ for the rest of my life’ Which I’m not complaining. I think it’s kinda funny and Beatrice is my real name.” she added.

Solace in music

Just like everybody else, Bea gets to connect with her most real self mostly when she’s playing and writing songs. In fact, if you listen to her debut album, you’ll wanna know where she’s getting that high energy she’s throwing off during recording her tracks. 

“I’ve to scream so many times. it was like, my body was like, you’re ready, you can scream. Scream out, this is your time. And I just went in there and it was really fun. Really empowering actually.”

Well, you can witness it through her sugary guitar charge, and sweet pop-rock melodies on her music video below.


Dream OPM Collaborations

Truth be told, it is definitely amazing to listen to a brilliant young artist and be proud of her own emotional language which she conveyed through music. 

The best part? Of course, no one can’t take away her OPM roots, and to tell you, she also mentioned some Iconic Filipino bands that she wanted to collaborate with in the future. 

“I’m still obsessed with Itchyworms, and Eraserheads. I still listen to them today. So I mean, they haven’t hit me up.” -Beabadoobee

All in all, we like Beabadoobee’s love for ’90s alt-rock and her grainy recordings that bring that lovely, nostalgic vibe.

If you want to get to know her and her stories more— you can just stream her songs on all available digital platforms out there including Spotify! 


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