You might know his 3-letter name stylized in capital letters as seen on the track Blueberry Eyes with BTS’ SUGA but do you know his story?

All eyes on New York artist MAX as he talks about collaborating with BTS’ Suga, music from his garage studio, and fuelling your passion. In this quick but meaningful virtual sitdown with the rising artist, MAX, he shares his triumphs, vision, and learnings. 

Stemming from a very musically-inclined family, having been surrounded by music as well growing up in New York, definitely set the stage for the artist saying that getting into music was only natural for him. MAX whose music he says boils down to the word ‘passion’ is an incredibly talented singer with a smooth tenor voice spells eargasm for days but he didn’t have quite as smooth a ride into stardom having gone through a traumatic vocal surgery, the springboard from which his latest album, ‘Colour Vision’ was founded.

Colour Vision: MAX’s album


Colour Vision for the singer was rooted upon his bleakest days, downcast with his vocal injury. MAX mentions the songs within the album as his building blocks from the surgery trying to find the colors and bring them back to his life once again.

“I feel like color vision is really soaking in everything about your life now while being excited about your dreams,” the singer explains.

Lights Down Low

A track prior to the Colour Vision album, MAX tags Lights Down Low as the go-to song for fans who wanna maybe dive in deeper into his craft.


He says whether or not listeners want to go on a deep dive into his music or just skim the surface enjoying the music, all he ever wants to do with his songs is to form some sort of “connective tissue” between himself and each of the audience worldwide.

Possible Collaborations with Filipinos?

In line with connecting with audiences worldwide, MAX also teases the Filipino audience specifically about a possible collaboration with a Filipino artist whose name starts with an “I”.

If you’re out to speculate who he’s talking about, a little hint is that it’s an artist he’s connected with prior so you might try your luck with that! 

Blueberry Eyes: East-West Collaborations in Lockdown


When talking about having put out the phenomenally successful track, ‘Blueberry Eyes’ featuring BTS’ SUGA at the time of Corona, MAX says the collaboration might not even have happened if their lives hadn’t been put on pause.

Through the challenges, the artist has excellently managed to utilize not only the technology for workflow on a song via the interwebs, but his home studio as well. Sharing that both songs done in collaboration with the BTS member, were all recorded in his humble garage studio.

Ever a ray of positive light, MAX intimately talks about his home studio saying, “If anything, having those humble roots of where you began your love for music, it’s important to keep those.” Imbibing as well his very humble nature of staying true to yourself and being ever the raw person that you are.

Words of Enlightenment

Ending the interview with endless thanks to all fans who have thus far supported him through his music, no matter the fandom. His gratefulness for their acceptance of his music is immense. 

Imparting an important lesson on acceptance: “if someone doesn’t like you for who you are then they’re not meant to be in your life. Don’t change for them. Trust that the right people are gonna love you for who you are and not for someone you’re not.”  And finally, wishing everyone well so we’ll all be blessed as he had been, having been lucky enough to have found his people with love and acceptance all around.

A beautiful soul that so truly deserves all that he has achieved and definitely more! Continue to support MAX and be on the lookout for new tunes from the New Yorker, whose music is available on all digital platforms.


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