Silent Sanctuary’s newest single “Malayo na Tayo” and its lyrics perfectly sums up the feelings of someone struggling to move on. It is another ultimate hugot song hit from the classical-rock band.

Everyone goes through a heartbreak at least once in their lifetime. It is definitely one of the hardest rites of passage for someone realizing that life isn’t all fun and games. Silent Sanctuary has been there for my smaller heartbreaks during my younger days with “Sandali Lang” and “Rebound” from their “Fuschiang Pag-Ibig” album. I am somehow comforted that they still have a relevant song in my adulting years, “Malayo Na Tayo.”

Listen to the new song on Spotify. The band performed the song live in their recent gig with the Manila Orchestra.

The Story of Someone Reluctantly Moving On

One of the main reasons why I love Silent Sanctuary so much is that their  songs are very relatable. “Malayo Na Tayo” tells the story of someone who is trying his/her best to move on from someone. In the song, it is obvious that the person is still trying to look back and see the progress.

Nagawa ko na ang lahat
Ngunit hindi mapantayan
Ikaw ang kailangan

It is also quite obvious that the person has not moved on yet and is still yearning for the once significant other. “Malayo Na Tayo” shows that moving on is a process and that’s something it emphasizes all throughout the song. That’s one thing that I can relate with.

Kahit malayo na tayo
Kumukupas na ang mundo
Sumpaan pala’y nagbabago
Dahil nga, malayo na tayo

Silent Sanctuary also shows that promises can change through the lyrics, and that is one fact that will stay absolute and true. Pre-Socractic Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said something along the lines of the only constant thing in life is change. This strikes home for anyone who has been told the promise of forever.

Akala ko’y madali lang kayanin
Ang lungkot at pag iisa
Mga liham mo’t naiwang larawan
Dagdag bigat sa nadarama

Friends and family will tell you that you are better off, and that you will find someone new. It sounds easy at first, but things can quickly turn sour. Everything will be a reminder. Speaking from experience, one of the hardest things is that I go through every day is that I have to believe that it’s over. It’s something that I deal with every time I wake up and go to sleep.

Nandiyan ka’t nandito ako
Maalis ka ba sa isip ko
Kahit na malayo na tayo

“Malayo Na Tayo” also reminds everyone that moving on is hard no matter what the distance is. He/she can be physically and emotionally miles away, but they will always stay in your mind.

Silent Sanctuary Doesn’t Change Much

And that’s okay. Another reason why I love Silent Sanctuary is that they stay true to their sound. They do their music for the love of it and not change just because the audience has shifted. To be fair, the band will always have fans as long as there are people who love.

“Malayo Na Tayo” is for anyone who has ever believed in the promises of unending grit, love, and patience but fell short. The song is for anyone who is having a hard time moving on. It constantly reminds us that it is a process and that there will always be relapses and that’s okay. Thank you Silent Sanctuary for another hugot song for the books.

Song artwork is by Aiya Nara