Ang Bandang Shirley ‘Maginhawa’ Music Video Review

Naalala mo pa ba? Maginhawa?

Ang Bandang Shirley just released their “Maginhawa” music video on YouTube. It captures the essence of both the song and even the whole Maginhawa vibe itself.

Personally, this is the first song I heard from Ang Bandang Shirley. The music video does justice to the song and it speaks to me on an intimate level.

“Maginhawa” by Ang Bandang Shirley Music Video

“Maginhawa” is a light-hearted video showing off some of the streets in the area. It also shows a cute couple just strolling around and having a good time.

The video by Ang Bandang Shirley is easy to watch, there aren’t a lot to take in. I like the slow-motion shots of the couple smiling and walking around Maginhawa. There are also some drone shots in-between which show almost the entirety of the long street.

Surprisingly, the video didn’t show much of the foodparks and restaurants scattered throughout Maginhawa. That’s fine since walking through the streets of Maginhawa is another experience in itself and this is where the video hits me.

Magical Maginhawa

Walking the streets of Maginhawa with your special someone can be quite magical. It’s a long stretch of a street with lots of places to eat. The street is neat and spacious, just as shown in the “Maginhawa” music video by Ang Bandang Shirley. The song is part of their new “Favorite” album that was released recently.

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Even if the video has a happy vibe, I can’t help but feel a little bit of sadness and nostalgia. I used to walk the streets of Maginhawa with someone special but that’s a story for another time.

This is what makes the “Maginhawa” music video special for each individual. It can make you hungry, happy, sad or even all at the same time. It doesn’t fail to invoke a feeling or a response.

The lyrics itself and the video kind of contradict each other to an effect. I don’t know if that is the purpose but it works quite well.

What’s your favorite line in the “Maginhawa” song by Ang Bandang Shirley?

ilang beses kaya ako tatawid
para ika’y makapiling?

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