As the working week comes to a close, Coke Studio PH teases us with the songs from next week’s episode. Sunday’s instalment will include indie pop artist Reese Lansangan and rock scene veteran Franco Reyes.

Overcoming Challenges

Growing up with a musician father, Reese Lansangan would wake up in the morning to guitar chords echoing the household. A deadly car accident that took her father’s life silenced the house prompted Reese to own his guitar as a form of connection. She took this collaboration with the legendary rock band Franco as a challenge, believing that their sounds couldn’t be more different.

“Catch Me, I’m Moving On”

For her cover choice, Reese Lansangan did a solo execution of Franco’s “Castaway”. Franco’s lyrics evoke the saddest sense of melancholy, but her hollow vocals and simple piano performance takes it to the next level. It’s not easy to strip a song down while retaining its passion but she did it perfectly. Reese will get into your heart and drop it down into an infinite pit. “Castaway” rings as a redemption song; her version sings goodbye mixed with pain, apologies to herself, and absolution.

“Well I’m blind / Reaction too late / I’m behind but catch me I’m moving on”

“I’ll Bleed if I Have to”

Franco enters “Bleed” with drums, the same way Reese does it. Once he hits the first vocal note, however, the two guitars kick in—one stays constant on the beat while the other heavily clangs. Both covers center on the theme of being your own saving grace, but Franco’s reconstruction of “Bleed” sounds like the type of music you would listen to while walking away from your ex-significant other’s car after lighting it on fire.

“It hurts to be alone / Oh we’re going back / I can’t let you go but I need to / I’ll bleed if I have to”

“Pull Yourself and Come Back to Me”

“Off of Center,” Franco and Reese’s original collaboration, starts off sounding like a song from her “Arigato, Internet!” album with the quiet guitar strumming. As it gets heavier and more guitars chime in, Franco’s flavor appears evident. Lyrics of uncertainty sound like its coming from their own personal experiences and it gives the track a wider audience pull. Once the bridge dies down, the track focuses on Reese and gives us a second of that melancholy from her cover of “Castaway”. The cry for help comes in the end as Reese and Franco sing, “Pull yourself and come back to me, I’m ready,” and leaves us with a cliffhanger. It makes you wonder—are you really ready?

“Seems like we almost made it / Don’t wanna be alone I hate it / Just hold on till the night is through”

As far as we know, Reese Lansangan and Franco’s episode will be the last Coke Studio PH episode for this season. Season two, please!