DJ Renz Elma and MC Ronthug just dropped the Moirai mixtape which includes tracks that will surely make you feel pumped up.

Why Moirai

The word Moirai, often known in English as the Fates, comes from Greek Mythology. They are referred to as the incarnations of destiny itself.
Moirai controlled the mother thread of life of every body who lives or has lived. Stories also say that they made sure that people went on to meet what was meant for them. It kind of reminds me of “The Adjustment Bureau.”

Our dear friends at NoEgo Productions told UDOU PH that Renz Elma’s explanation of Moirai is that everybody should do what they want regardless of what anyone else says because we all go to the same destination in the end. This is reinforced by MC Ronthug’s lyrics.

Moirai MC Ronthug Lyrics

Let the beat drop on the track
And let it drop on a higher level
Turning up the decibels
We on another level you can win the battle
But we win the war
You can never par
We soar, we glide, we fly
On a different altitude

Here’s the morbid, yet honest part:

You got a problem with my attitude
Fuck being nice
Coz everybody dies

There are also some references to our dear country:

Catch me chilling, sipping Agwa
Lime with coca leaf- ah
Pretty Filipino looking like Mia khalifa
Rollin up some joint, feelin like I’m with Wiz Khalifa
Represent my own, this Philippines manila

MC Ronthug also reminds everyone listening that they do it for the craft and not the fame:

You gotta get it and respect
It’s not about the fame
That dies in 60 seconds
I go hard on the record
While you fuckers go and quit it
Go ahead admit it
When I spit it, I did it

Rebellious Renz Elma

Renz Elma is slowly making his name as one of the best dubstep DJs in the country. We had the pleasure of first seeing him play during Anarchy at Mow’s. It’s not surprising that he dishes out this sick Moirai mixtape with MC Ronthug.

My personal favorites in the mix is Skrillex’s “First of the Year (Equinox)” and Excision’s “The Paradox.” I’d say it’s a good mixtape to listen to if you need to energize a bit during a slow day.

What do you think of the new mixtape?