Linkin Park Drops Touching Tribute to Chester Bennington

Two months after Chester Bennington took his own life, the remaining members of Linkin Park are slowly getting themselves together. On top of a new music video, the band will be reuniting for a tribute concert in Los Angeles this October.

“One More Light”

Inspired by the passing of a close friend from their record label, the song “One More Light” was written to send love to everyone who lost someone in their lives. With Bennington’s passing, however, Mike Shinoda says that they have found themselves on the receiving end. He continues to thank the fans who are still showing their love and support for the band and Chester through memorial events and art.

The music video, directed by Mark Fiore and fellow Linkin Park member Joe Hahn, goes through the band’s life with Bennington from the very beginning. Clips of their early years and a live performance of the song are woven together to create a touching salute for their fallen angel. Cheeky footage of Bennington messing around, laughing, and sharing moments with fans are heavily incorporated in the video. His wife Talinda shared a very personal video of the singer just 36 hours before his death; Bennington appears to be cheerful and playing with his children. It’s a reminder of how well a person can conceal their depression. Mental health is never a joke and should be taken just as seriously.

The music video ends with a tearful note from the remaining members: “Chester, you ignited a flame of passion, laughter & courage in our hearts forever. We miss you, brother.”

Unknown Future

While there are no solid plans about the future of Linkin Park without Bennington, the band will be hosting a tribute concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California on October 27. Income from the tickets will go straight to Music For Relief’s One More Light Fund, an organization Linkin Park found in 2004. They’ve sent relief to the Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, China’s Wenchuan earthquake, and our very own Typhoon Haiyan to name a few.

The one-off concert will be the first time the remaining members will play together after Bennington’s passing. Special guests are yet to be announced, but tickets will be on sale this weekend. We’re looking at a possibly sold out show—at least one last time for Chester.

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