Laneway Festival Singapore 2018: The Ransom Collective

The Ransom Collective made their way to Singapore for St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2018. We sat down with the six-piece before their set to talk about the festival and what else they’ve got planned this year.

Starstruck and Nervous

Photo by Cliff Yeo

Inside an air-conditioned tent under the blazing hot Singaporean sun, The Ransom Collective–Kian Ransom, Jermaine Choa Peck, Leah Halili, Lily Gonzales, Muriel Gonzales, and Redd Claudio–sat across us on the media round table with excited faces. They start our chat with a story involving fellow Laneway performers The Internet, and how excited they got when they were given the chance to speak to them about how their set is before The Internet’s.

Photo by Nina Sandejas

This led us to ask how they felt about being in Singapore. “It’s surreal, it’s weird, it’s overwhelming to be here,” they chimed in one by one. “We couldn’t believe we were picked to play Laneway. We know we worked hard to get here, but it still doesn’t feel like we belong here,” Ransom said. Although this isn’t their first time playing in a major festival (they did win WanderBand after all), they feel an added pressure for Laneway because of how much they look up to the other artists on the lineup.

At Full Force

Photo by Aiksoon Lee

It’s been almost a year since the release of their debut album “Traces” but The Ransom Collective have no plans of slowing down. Just last year, they flew to India to perform at the ASEAN – India Music Festival and they’ll be returning once again for the Udaipur World Music Festival later in 2018. They feel honored to be a driving force behind the rise of the Asian music festival circuit and hope that other bands in Manila will follow suit. “We’re not gonna be the last Filipino band to play Laneway for sure,” Ransom reassured us. “It’s an amazing time to be in the music scene and not just the OPM one, but the whole region.”

Photo by Nina Sandejas

The band is off to a great 2018 and they’re looking to work on new music. “We wanna try new things and we’ve grown both as individuals and as a band,” they said. With a blank canvas, they want to stay with their roots while trying new things out. Their exposure to music festivals in places like India and Singapore gave them a wider perspective on the sound that they can create. They’ve taken influence from the bands they’ve played with in these places and are excited to see where it takes them. No release date for a new album can be said for now, but they’ll be releasing “Traces” on vinyl!

Photo by Nina Sandejas

At the rate they’re going, their common dream of playing Coachella doesn’t seem so far. Congratulations on the great set, The Ransom Collective!

Featured image by Nina Sandejas

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