Alextbh traversed the causeway to officially kick off St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore 2018. After a spirited performance, we chatted with the funk-electronica artist about his sound, his hometown’s rising music scene, and what he’s looking forward to achieve in 2018.

WTF is Twink R&B?

alextbh performing at Laneway Festival Singapore 2018Photo by Cliff Yeo

When you scroll through Alextbh’s Instagram account, the first thing you’ll see are the words “twink rnb” as his bio. “I feel like R&B is just like, a very umbrella term for me to describe what I’m doing. It [Twink] makes it easier for people to relate,” he explains. When it comes down to his songwriting, he’s not ashamed to bare his soul. He’s always been honest about his anxieties on stage too and he doesn’t attempt to conceal it with a public facade. “Sometimes I find it really hard to convey my message,” he nobly admits. “But I’ve been really happy with how things have been working out for my songs recently. I’ve managed to find a nice balance between making a song that’s upbeat, but at the same time have that juxtaposition of really depressing lyricism. It’s a good avenue to lay out your energy though so it doesn’t build up inside.”

From Across the Causeway

We shift our focus on the rising music scene of his city. “Malaysia’s music scene is definitely cultivating right now. I was in an underground club listening to really cool techno music from a Malaysian person. Like, holy crap!” he narrates excitingly. “The music diversity doesn’t really show in Malaysian demographic, but I see it in other countries as well and that’s really interesting,” he adds. Alex played alongside other Asian artists such as MAS1A, THELIONCITYBOY, and our very own The Ransom Collective. 

alextbh performing at Laneway Festival Singapore 2018Photo by Alvin Ho

He shyly confesses that his music is being received well in Malaysia. His Spotify numbers agrees with his story–he currently has almost 300,000 monthly listeners and his track “Stoop So Low” has been streamed over five million times. The internet more or less became a haven for up and coming artists such as himself, and he’s learnt to be more active on social media as a result of his increasing popularity. “As an artist, I’ve always believed that you don’t just sell your music. You’re also selling attitude and your image,” he says. “The way you portray your image on Twitter or Instagram is the way people will perceive you.”

Alex only wishes for one reaction from his first-time listeners: ‘What the fuck is going on?’ in a good way. Watch out for this wunderkind’s music video slated for a release later this year!

Featured image taken by Alvin Ho