Kyle Echarri goes back to his roots with ‘I’m Serious’

Well known as one of the “Kadenang Ginto” break out stars and that young artist from The Voice Kids, Kyle Echarri is set to let people know who he truly is as an artist with his latest single ‘I’m Serious’.

With label head Rox Santos as the supervising producer, Kyle decided to dive in his first solo music project by writing and producing his own songs. From the melody to the beats, to the lyrics and style, all of these arefrom his own creative bubble.

When you listen to ‘I’m Serious’ there’s one question that will pop up in your mind, that is, “Who is Kyle singing this song to?” Well, according to Kyle, he wrote this song to address issues about him being a “chickboy”.

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Why write a love song?

According to Kyle, despite writing this song to dismiss all the negative issues surrounding who he is, he opted to come up with something positive for a change.

“For me, the best thing to do now is just spread positivity and love one another. When something negative was thrown at me, I guess I translated it into something positive. I just really wanted to spread love to everyone.”

What does it say?

With its on the dot expression of how a guy expresses profound love to someone special and convincing her of his clear intentions, accompanied by a little bit of style from the Biebs, ‘I’m Serious’ starts off with an upbeat melody that will make you want to give off some dance moves with your special someone.

Check ‘I’m Serious’ lyric video below to know what we mean!


But wait! There’s a whole lot more to expect from Kyle Echarri including an album which ‘I’m Serious’ is a part of!

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