After four years, King Krule finally blessed us with new music. His single “Czech One” accompanied a music video released on YouTube last week.

The Man of Many Faces

King Krule was born Archy David Marshall, but he currently has six other monikers. He’s an alumni of The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology along with other notable acts like Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, and Adele. Apart from King Krule, his more famous names include Zoo Kid and Edgar the Beatmaker/Edgar the Breathaker. Zoo Kid pioneered a genre called “Bluewave” when he released a mixtape entitled “U.F.O.W.A.V.E.”, a little bit before Marshall debuted as King Krule.

It’s difficult to staple Marshall with just a single genre, but his music commonly falls under punk jazz or jazz fusion, with darkwave, post-punk, and hip hop. A mysterious aura looms around his lyrics; it takes a few extra times of listening to sort of understand what he’s trying to say. Sometimes, it takes months to let his writing hit you. There’s a certain grittiness to his low voice that rounds up the atmosphere of his solo music.

King Krule’s Return

His first and latest album under the King Krule moniker was in 2013 with “6 Feet Beneath the Moon”. A few days before the release, Marshall dropped cryptic posters and a short video hinting at new music. “Czech One” takes us on a dreamy journey with jazzy keys and surrounding synths coming in one ear and out in the other. The sax humming in the background adds a layer to King Krule’s slow jam about scorned lovers of the past.

We get a glimpse into his headspace with the music video. The DIY-looking video starts off in the street with black sneakers and old brown suit, then he floats into an airplane’s window seat. Quick glimpses of the city’s night lights parade through and next thing we know he’s walking down those same streets. Our favorite part of the whole thing is when he enters the plane’s bathroom and then it opens up to the same street in the first scene.

The music video’s absurdity is what makes us love Marshall. It’s weird, no doubt, but has King Krule written all over it. We may never fully understand it, but that’s okay.