Kiana Valenciano: The Girl We Can’t Let Go

Say hello to the girl you can’t let go

Does she know when you’re home

It’s me you’re trying to call on your own

I’m holding back everything I wanna say

Consider yourself lucky that I’m choosing to behave

It’s just been two months since her debut music video, but now Kiana’s graces our screens once again with a new music video.

“Does She Know” is Kiana’s 2nd single and it’s an offshoot from what we all saw in “Circles”. Kiana’s done flaunting her acting chops and has opted to flex on all of us with a 4 minute dance video reminiscent of her daddy dearest. This was indeed a family affair as another Valenciano had his hand in this video.

“Kiana Valenciano might be the solution of this divide”

The collaborations don’t stop there as another local talent threw his hat into the mix. Curtismith rounds this track out well and drops a few bars that makes this already catchy song even better. “Does She Know” might just be the perfect track to close the gap on indie and mainstream.

Kiana Valenciano might be the solution of this divide. Kiana can hit the stage of ASAP on Sundays and then releases a single with Curtismith the next week. This girl makes the “indie” sound accessible and who knows, someday we might be able to make do without these labels and just look at all things as just music.

It seems that Kiana is building up for something bigger and at the rate she’s going, consider me excited for what’s to come. If this is her “holding back” then we’ll all be lucky when she finally let’s loose and chooses to misbehave. Watch the music video below!

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