Caffeine and Taurine has released their “Keep Dancing” track on Spotify. The new release is a welcome one after the local band’s brief hiatus from making and playing their music.

Besides Spotify, “Keep Dancing” is also available in Apple Music and YouTube. Caffeine and Taurine delivers a feel-good beat with their new track.

“Keep Dancing” is the band’s way of telling their fans that they are back and that they will keep playing music. They want us to keep dancing to their tunes.

What I Like

Being a keyboardist myself, I enjoyed Caffeine and Taurine’s “Keep Dancing” with its synth lead. They managed to make the song sound good with the synthesizer without sounding too retro.

As the title suggests, you may be swayed to dance. “Keep Dancing” has a funky vibe which is kind of reminiscent of easy listening and alternative rock songs.

I also like the kind of raw sound in the recording. It doesn’t sound too digital which is a fresh break from today’s tracks. I like the impression that they recorded it in analog.

What I Don’t Like

There really isn’t that much to dislike about the track. Although, I would prefer to listen to a more groovy bassline that should have complimented “Keep Dancing” better.

Caffeine and Taurine, Intramuros Homegrown Talent

Caffeine and Taurine originally started in Mapua Intramuros which led to them playing in one of the Intramuros Rising festivals. I spent a college year in Intramuros and personally knew Nath, the band’s drummer. It’s a shame I still haven’t found the time to support them and the local indie scene in general. I plan to do so now!

Ilvstrados and the Intramuros Rising was formed after founder Jeremy Lopez suggested to his friends that Circulo Musikero should be expanded outside Lyceum. One of their goals is to let Intramuros be the go-to “indie music venue” of Manila.

The group also wants to support indie OPM bands by giving smaller groups like Caffeine and Taurine more exposure without needing to sign a label. Intramuros Rising music festivals every year give these bands a chance to shine even more. Caffeine and Taurine played during Intramuros Rising 3: OPM Weekend.

Caffeine and Taurine Hiatus Story

I asked Nath Pelareja, Caffeine and Taurine’s drummer, about what happened that led to the band’s hiatus. This was their collective answer:

“Caffeine and Taurine was in an indefinite hiatus because Brandon Garcia left the band, leaving it with no front man. The other members were occupied with something else and Brandon felt that everyone were dispirited and unproductive. Then we stopped talking to each other until after a year, I saw Brandon accidentally in an art exhibit and decided to catch up. Eventually, over a span of a couple months, everything fell right back in to place like it used to but with an addition of a new bassist, Anthony Abitona. Caffeine and Taurine felt a loss of energy but the energy never stopped.”

When asked what was the inspiration for “Keep Dancing” was, Nath said:

“The inspiration of this song is our own song, our first single “Put the Glass Down”. We wanted to make a sequel out of it and acts as an announcement that we are back in action and we’ll keep dancing! But more than being a sequel, it is a reminder for us as a band of what happened, we may have different struggles but at the end we’ve decided to keep dancing.”

Caffeine and Taurine is open for any gig invites or booking. You can contact Jeremy Lopez at 0997 493 5900 from Indio Cartel if you want the band to play at your venue or event. They can also be booked by signing up in this form.

Watch their official lyric video for “Keep Dancing” below.