Julian Casablancas+The Voidz have relatively kept quiet over the last couple years, but count on them to drop two huge announcements in one go. Of course, it wouldn’t be them if they didn’t do it in a certain fashion.

How They Came to Be

While Julian Casablancas is away from The Strokes, he does a pretty good job with a solo career. He came out with a debut album in 2009 entitled “Phrazes for the Young” and it received positive responses from critics. He really managed to pull himself away as the frontman of a rock band with this album thanks to its futuristic, flowy synths and jumping drum machines. However, it remains to be an authentic Julian Casablancas original with its gritty lyricism and his distinct throaty vocals. Future JC+TV members Jeff Kite and Alex Carapetis worked with Casablancas as his live backing band during his solo tour, and with Jake Bercovici for a song Casablancas wrote for an advertisement campaign. He enjoyed working with the band, and along with mutual friends Jeramy Gritter and Amir Yaghmai, so they formed the Voidz and began writing music together.

“A seriously sad album… compelling.”

The band signed to Casablancas’ label Cult Records where they released their debut album “Tyranny” in 2014. Casablancas took his music experimentation to the next level, releasing the 11-minute track “Human Sadness” as the first single. Many understood that nothing of the norm would ever come out of the man and that it took a special working to fully understand what he was trying to say and/or do.

They continued touring until 2015 then kept mum. After two years of inactivity, they announced a South American tour for October 2017 where they played nine shows. Rumors of new material with producer Rick Rubin flew around but the band quickly shut it down. The voices kept buzzing however, and they’ve finally formally announced a new album and a new band name in the form of a short film.

Julian Casablancas+The Voidz is no longer; The Voidz now walk this planet as one! In the video, the band (loudly) sees a cult film in the cinemas with the lead actor bearing a striking resemblance to Casablancas. They ditch the movie early with Casablancas calling the movie fake and unrealistic, but little does he know what he’s about to walk into. A deep, resonating voice echoes the question “What is in a name, anyhow?” and we see the rest of the band branding their frontman with a new logo right on the chest. It ends with shots of the band it what seems to be their natural habitat—a room with red lights and undertones of freaky—and the words we’ve all been waiting for: NEW ALBUM 2018.

Just like a rebirth, The Voidz seem to be in very good shape. This vital piece of information is all we have so far, but this four-minute trailer is enough to get us hyped for The Voidz II. Turns out it was a good idea to put the album on our 2018 list!