Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has released a public apology to Chelsea Lauren, a photographer he accidentally kicked during the band’s set at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show over the weekend. Some people think it was intentional, others think it could have been vices, and others simply think it was an accident.

Drugs? Alcohol? Or Just Rock and Roll?

Homme and company played the first night of the annual KROQ show with Muse, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Rise Against, a few other bands in Inglewood, California. Queens of the Stone Age played third and, according to a recap by Variety, the frontman seemed slightly out of it. His antics of the night included getting the crowd to collectively boo their fellow musicians Muse (“You guys here to see Muse? Fuck Muse!”), cutting his own forehead with a knife during the second half of their set, and telling a crowd member “I used to fuck guys like you in prison.”

The worst came around when Homme was seen kicking a female photographer in the face in the middle of their set. He might have seemed destructive to others but according to Chelsea Lauren, he was completely unprovoked and even smiled before he kicked her. As seen on an Instagram video taken a few feet back, Homme was walking around while Lauren was shooting on one side of the stage. He walks past her but a second later, backtracks and kicks her camera which in return hits her in the face. The rest of the Queens of the Stone Age set plays on and no mention of the incident surfaces all throughout.

Lauren stayed in the venue to continue shooting Thirty Seconds to Mars and Muse before heading to a Cedars-Sinai Hospital for treatment. According to her, she was required to stay in the ER for a night but went back to the venue to shoot the second night of the KROQ event. She described the incident as “very intentional” and claimed that she will file a police report.

Two Sides of the Story

While citizens of social media began to pick up their pitchforks and torches, Homme released a couple of statements regarding the situation. On the first statement, Homme apologized and stated that he would “never intentionally cause harm to anyone working or attending one of our shows” and that he hopes Lauren will accept his apology.


A few hours later, he released a two-minute video on the band’s social media pages. Once again, he apologizes to Lauren and calls himself “a total dick.” He mentions his family—his parents, wife and female rockstar Brody Dalle, his brother, and his kids.


Many have given their two cents on the matter. Homme’s friend and celebrity chef/TV show host Anthony Bourdain expressed his sadness over the incident on Twitter, saying that Homme’s first apology was “weak” but showed support to his friend later on.

Others blamed it on drugs and alcohol, although nobody has definitive proof that Homme was under the influence of drugs during that show. Still, it didn’t stop them from throwing the blame on vices.

With those crucifying Homme, there is also a side that defends him. On one of Lauren’s Instagram posts of the incident, some in the comments section pointed out the fact that she was using a step ladder in the photographer pit. They also called her out for staying to shoot the last two bands before seeking for aid instead of going to the hospital right away.

Lauren intends to press charges, but none have been made as of writing. We do hope that they both get the treatment they need, whatever it may be.

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