Join the initiative to support Emman Nimedez’s family by binge-watching his videos

This week has been especially tough for the vlogging industry with the recent departure of Emman Nimedez.

In May this year, the Filipino content creator/vlogger posted a vlog revealing that he had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, causing concerns among the fans. On August 14, Friday, Emman was brought into the Intensive Care Unit due to blood complications and kidney failure. 

His death was confirmed by his girlfriend Peachy Santos, on Aug. 16 via a Facebook post. “Our beloved Emman Nimedez joined our Creator at 1:00am today, August 16, 2020, Sunday. He was with his family during the time of his passing at St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City,” wrote Peachy. “Our family is thankful to everyone who offered prayers and showed support.”

Power Viewing for Emman

To at least provide help for Emman’s family to cover the hospital balance from his treatment, his fans have launched an initiative called “Power Viewing for Emman.” As indicated by its name, everyone who has access to Youtube is encouraged to binge-watch Emman Nimedez’s videos. This way, the more views accumulated the more revenue his channel will earn.

You can check out this post by Hans Anthony Lansang Quimpo for more details about this trending movement.


As a company who’s worked with him before for a video project, we are witnesses to his humility and passion for his craft– two of the many things the Filipino community liked the most about this young artist. Additionally, as a platform dedicated to OPM, we are very much honored to have had the opportunity to include his single, “Teka Lang,” on our Weekly Top 10, where it became a mainstay due to his fans’ continued support.

In his song, Emman sang the line, “Dahan-dahan lang,” over and over, as if making sure his listeners wouldn’t forget it. This year is arguably the hardest one we’ve ever lived– made even harder when we learned that such a rare and beautiful soul in the form of Emman Nimedez had already left us. Let’s make sure his reminder doesn’t go unheard: now more than ever, we need to just chill out, take it slow, live in the moment, and appreciate it while it lasts.

May you rest in peace, Emman.


What’s your favorite content by Emman Nimedez?

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