The new music video to Jess Connely’s “Turn Me Down” is truly a visual treat.

A Surrealistic Eye-Candy

Manila R&B singer Jess Connely drops her new music for her single “Turn Me Down” produced by Filipino R&B/Electronic producer LUSTBASS.

This surrealistic eye-candy by Paco Raterta captures the dreamy, hazy and lazy vibe of Jess Connely’s song. Paco fused different mediums and looks from a 16mm film camera to a retro aesthetic made famous by the art movement Vaporwave—which consists of different glitches, twitchy animation accompanied by several snapshots creates an analog-induced nostalgia.

Turn Me Down Screenshot

This specific style of combining different mediums are becoming more frequent in pop media and can be seen in Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” and “Alright”, Getter’s “Splitter” and other popular music videos really symbolizes our generation’s style and aesthetic.

Also, Jess Connely’s fashion style really stands out in this video along with her new blonde look.


In an email to THE FADER, Jess Connely described the music video as “A dreamy daydream, get alone with me” type of video which perfectly blends with her song with LUSTBASS, also her collaborator for “Radar/2AM”.

Comparing this to her previous videos, this feels more personal, intimate and heavily stylized.

A Chill and Homey Sound

Last year, she released a four-track EP with electronic producer CRWN entitled “How I Love” is what puts her on the music radar with their song “Under Blankets” which gained a strong following.

Jess Connely loves to create moods through her music. May it be just chilling in your room smoking, or hanging around with your friends, smoking; her sexy-melodic tone, easy to connect lyrics which is usually about attraction and love is what makes her listeners into hypnotic daze. Collaborating with electronic producers like LUSTBASS of BuwanBuwan Collective and CRWN of Future Studio and EYEDRESS solidified Jess Connely’s R&B/Soul style of music.

Watch her music video here: